7 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

For most St. Patrick’s Day is about drinking beer and getting drunk, those under 21 may feel like there isn’t much to do to celebrate. Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day here are some ways to celebrate that don’t include drinking!

Wear Green

Deck yourself out in green. Wear some green socks or a green bow if you want an understated look. Wear a green dress and a sparkly shamrock headband if you want to be over the top. Either way will get you into the spirit!4

Eat Irish Food

You can try corn beef and cabbage for dinner. If that sounds as good to you as it does to me try some Irish soda bread with butter, you can’t go wrong with bread! If all else fails have some potatoes.

Take an Irish Step Dancing Class

Get into the spirit by learning a traditional Irish dance. Not only will you have fun learning something new, you will also be getting some exercise.

Shamrock Crafts

Decorate your room by making shamrock themed decorations. Maybe throw in a few rainbows and pots of gold and you’ll have a really festive room.

Watch a Movie

Watch a classic like The Luck of The Irish or a movie about leprechauns.

Read About The Holiday

Use this holiday as a time to learn something new by reading a book about the history of St Patrick’s Day or Ireland.

Listen to Some Irish Music

This is one of the easier things on this list to do. You can listen to music as you do just about anything and it will get you into the spirit as you go about your day.