5 YouTube Beauty Stars You SHOULD Be Watching

YouTube is no longer just a place for viral videos. It has become a huge online space for people to get creative and to find anything they want. You can find anything from cooking tutorials, iPhone experiments, and also anything beauty or fashion related. I personally spend most of my free time indulging in some of my favorite YouTube Creators. Most of them are beauty and fashion vloggers because this is my interest. I always find myself recommending to friends channels they should watch. Here are my top 5 beauty channels you should be watching.

  1. Carli Bybel Carli Bybel is your New Jersey girl who knows about everything makeup and fashion related. What makes her channel so interesting is not just the many different makeup tutorials she has or the fashion pieces she puts together for her viewers, but also her ability to do beauty and fashion advice videos and to also let viewers into her real life. All of her viewers grow to love her friendship with Nicole Guerriero, another beauty vlogger as well as her amazing relationship with her longtime boyfriend Brett Cap, a fitness YouTube Content Creator. Carli radiates nothing, but positive vibes and even begins every video with a positive quote to get you going. She recently came out with her own clothing line for Nasty Gal and has her own eyeshadow palette with BH Cosmetics which I use everyday!
  2. Tess Christine Tess Christine is your more chill back, everyday girl. Tess is known for her fashion videos. The most popular being her Get The Look videos which focuses on getting celebrity looks for less. My personal favorite is her Selena Gomez Get The Look! She’s all about making high fashion and trends affordable for the everyday girl. She even has a website devoted to celebrity looks called celebspiration.com! Besides her fashion videos, she does a lot of lifestyle videos and also the ocassional makeup turtorial that is not too glam, but simple for beginners. 

  3. Casey Holmes Casey Holmes is your southern girl who knows all about keeping a flawless face throughout the day! She’s known for her amazing product reviews that are highly trusted by her viewers. All of her reviews are honest and catered towards the needs of her audience. If you have oily skin like me, Casey also deals with oily skin and gives the best products to help your skin. Along with her fabulous makeup tutorials, Casey also does vlogs and lifestyle videos which inspires many young women. She's also super down to earth and her lovable personality catches the attention of everyone!

  4. Teni Panosian Teni Panosian is your chic beauty girl. Originally starting off as a beauty blogger for her site missmaven.com, Teni eventually began making YouTube videos. She makes makeup tutorial that can be wearable or fun and also fashion videos that get you to rethink about your wardrobe. She’s known for her amazing travel diaries which takes her viewers with her on her adventures from tropical islands to New York Fashion Week. Plus, she's a complete sweetheart who keeps all of her videos entertaining!

  5. Jackie Aina If you like someone who’s funny, keeps it real and gives amazing advice, you’d love Jackie! She’s known for her hilairious rants on beauty trends that get overused. She's very informative and striaght to the point while also keeping your attention. Her product reviews are also catered to help viewers of all skintones. She's always engaging with her viewers even on her social media which leads many to love her personality!