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5 Puppy Gifs to Make You Smile

After this crazy week between balancing work, school, activities and the controversial election, you must be drained. Instead of curling into bed and feeling miserable, let these five cute puppy gifs cheer you up.

  1. Bow Tie FabulousHe’s ready for his next event!
  2. Under the SeaNever knew Ariel had legs after all!
  4. Somtimes We FallHowever, we never look this cute falling!
  5. Puppy AttackOMG, RUN TO ME!
Shanice Peters is a Senior at Manhattanville College. She is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a Creative Writing major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. In her free time she enjoys making YouTube videos about fashion and beauty, writing on her personal blog and watching Gossip Girl. She's excited to be the Campus Correspondent for Manhattanville and hopes to engage students in her last year.
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