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4 Reasons to Join Manhattanville Women’s Rugby Club

  1. Gain a New Family

    Being in a very rough and close contact sport, healthy relationships between teammates are a necessity. Attempting to play rugby with people you don’t get along with or don’t know very well can result in potentially dangerous complications. Rugby players need to be able to trust their fellow teammates and have confidence in their abilities.

    With team dinners and regular bonding activities, friendships are formed and a family is created! Our various events provide opportunities for us all to get to know each other and become better teammates and friends.

  2. Get Fit

    Some people think rugby requires much less effort than football. These people are mistaken. While football has padding, rugby has nothing except a mouth-guard and vigilant teammates. This is why we lift and train so hard. We build up our muscles in the gym and build up our endurance during practices. 

  3. Develop Your Work Ethic 

    Dedication and diligence are of the utmost importance when it comes to rugby. Practices are several hours multiple times a week. Knowing and being able to execute certain plays and strategies ensures that every player can play any position. 

  4. Be Feared

    Have you ever seen a rugby match? Rugby is the quintessential example of intimidation, fierceness, and physical combat. 

To learn more about MWRC check us out here http://mvillewomensrugbyclub.com/, email us at mvillewomensrugby@gmail.com, and follow us on social media: Facebook @ Manhattanville Women’s Rugby and Instagram @mvillewomensrugby.

Hey, I'm Laura! I'm a self-professed fangirl who reads very fast, is always on YouTube, and basically obsesses, in a good way, over anything and everything that piques my interest - such as music, television, games, sports, etc. I'm a recent graduate from Manhattanville College, where I got really involved in everything. In addition to being Her Campus Mville's first Social Media Coordinator, I was a DJ and Station Manager of MVL Radio, "The Pulse," Co-Executive Producer of Manhattanville Video Project, and a member of our dance ensemble and women's rugby club. I also worked in the campus bookstore, mentor center, and writing center. My schedule was pretty hectic, but I loved everything I did. Now I'm back home in the DMV hustling hard to make all my desires come to fruition! xoxo L
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