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3 Ways to Step Up your Social Media Game

It’s 2018 – almost everyone has an account on a social media platform whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Many of us use these to keep in contact with others, update them on our lives, and also to educate, inform, or entertain. While it shouldn’t be a goal to have a certain number of followers, there’s nothing wrong with improving your social media presence!

Here are three key things I’ve learned from observing top social media gurus and influencers whose content we consume on a daily basis. As Social Media Coordinator for HerCampus Manhattanville’s chapter accounts I have implemented these and have noticed great results. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to see your growth on social media through not only the number of followers you have but how responsive they are!

1. Be more engaging


Try not to caption all your Instagram posts with a cool or clever caption with a few hashtags. Throw a question in there that grabs your follower’s attention. For instance, ask for their thoughts on something related to your post. This invites them to not only like your post, but have something solid to comment on. On Twitter, this means connecting with others. From liking and retweeting tweets to replying often and sparking conversations, engagement on Twitter is the best way to make connections and gain followers.


2. Consistency is key


This varies from platform to platform, but posting more frequently allows for more people to view your content resulting in more potential followers. On Instagram this can be done through more content on your stories and posting on your profile once a day or multiple times throughout the week. On Twitter, this means not going ghost. Be active throughout the week. Comment on pop culture, political news, and how your day is going. Twitter is THE place for viral relatable content.


3. Let your personality shine


You don’t have to copy an influencer’s profile to a tee. If you look at famous social media influencer’s accounts you’ll notice they all have a common tone to their accounts – that’s their personality. If you’re funny, play up on that aspect of comedy. If you thrive off of introspective revelations, make that your thing. Find solace through concerts and new music releases? Post that. Don’t limit the reflection of yourself online based on others. This is your account so shouldn’t we be getting to know you?

Hey, I'm Laura! I'm a self-professed fangirl who reads very fast, is always on YouTube, and basically obsesses, in a good way, over anything and everything that piques my interest - such as music, television, games, sports, etc. I'm a recent graduate from Manhattanville College, where I got really involved in everything. In addition to being Her Campus Mville's first Social Media Coordinator, I was a DJ and Station Manager of MVL Radio, "The Pulse," Co-Executive Producer of Manhattanville Video Project, and a member of our dance ensemble and women's rugby club. I also worked in the campus bookstore, mentor center, and writing center. My schedule was pretty hectic, but I loved everything I did. Now I'm back home in the DMV hustling hard to make all my desires come to fruition! xoxo L
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