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10 Tips For A Disney Vacation

This spring break, I had the magical experience of getting to go to Disney World! After my trip, and a few trips in the past, I discovered some tips to make your Disney vacation the best possible.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff! 
    Whether it’s the scorching hot sun, the long lines, or a missed dinner reservation, something will not go as planned along the way. Remember that you are in the happiest place on earth. This is the place where daily frustrations go away and you get to simply enjoy yourself! If something doesn’t go like you thought it would, it’s just another adventure.

  2. Don’t be afraid to be a kid again! 
    Greeting the princesses as if they just walked right out of their animated movie is part of the fun. For as long as you’re here, everything you see is real, and every character you love is here to tell their story. Never ruin the magic.

  3. Don’t be afraid to look silly! 
    If a character wants you to dance with them, or you see a pair of silly Mickey Mouse ears that you like, don’t be afraid to go for it. Everyone visiting the park wants to have an amazing time, so it’s a judgement-free zone!

  4. Dress cute, but comfy! 
    As you will be doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes, and have a light bag. Consider wearing a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

  5. Try to see and do as much as possible! 
    If you have a choice between waiting in line for two hours for one ride, or getting to go on four rides in that time– always choose to see more. There is so much to experience in this park.

  6. Compromise! 
    Not everyone in your group is going to agree on what is the most important– from the rides, to the character photos, to the shows, there’s something for everyone! Try to schedule your time, so that everyone gets to enjoy their favorite part about Disney.

  7. Get fast passes!
     If you plan your trip smart, you will never have to wait in line. Download the Disney Magic app to make up to three fast pass reservations in advance. For the rides you don’t score a fast pass for, use the app to see wait times.

  8. Make dinner reservations in advance! 
    If you plan on eating at some of Disney’s restaurants, you’ll need a reservation. If not, you risk up to three hours of waiting for a seat. Some of my favorite spots are the Biergarten, a German buffet in Epcot, complete with live entertainment, and the Sci-Fi Dine in Resteraunt in Hollywood Studios, where you view old science fiction movies and enjoy your meal in a car!

  9. Make time for downtime! 
    After a busy day in the park, you’ll want to find ways to relax and avoid post-Disney blues. Take a dip in the pool or the hot tub, put on some pajamas and watch a movie (Disney preferred!), or just put up your feet and talk about the great day you had. Leave one day in your trip with no plans at all, so you can choose what to do at your leisure.

  10. Take photos! 
    You’ll want to capture your memories to look back on after your vacation. Remember that you don’t need to pay for photos– hand your phone or camera to any professional photographer in the park, and they will take it for free
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