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10 DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you having a hard time trying to decide what to get your significant other? Here are a few DIY ideas for you.

1. Couple T-Shirts

Buy a plain white t-shirt, iron on transfer paper, and print out a picture of you and your partner and transfer it to the shirt. This could even be done on a pillowcase!

2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Frame

Buy a picture frame then, on a computer, type out boyfriend/girlfriend and for every letter write a reason you love them and frame the pieces together. The reason doesn't have to coincide with the first letter of every word but be sure to line up boyfriend/girlfriend at the end so they can read it!

3. Candy

Buy candies and come up with funny puns for each piece of candy or use them to write out I love you on the ground (best to use wrapped candies for this one).

4. Adventure Fund

Buy a box picture frame and on the glass write Adventure Fund and as the year goes by put all your loose singles/change in there and when you want to go on a spontaneous adventure use this money!

5. I love you because…

Buy a picture frame and on a white piece of paper write all the reasons you love them and on the glass write I love you because...

6. Alphabet of what they mean to you

Buy a small notepad and write a letter of the alphabet on each page and for every letter write what they mean to you or why you love them.

7. Heart Frame

Take pictures of yourself and for some of them put your arms out so that they make a heart and in the center have a photo of you and your significant other.

8. We Met/We Kissed

Go on google maps and screenshot the location where you first met and where you first kissed. On Microsoft word shape it to a heart and put a pretty background and print it to put in a cute picture frame.

9.Snack Box

Buy snacks and stick cute notes on the packages so when they go to take them to work/school they can be surprised with a lovely note to read.

10. Give them your love, there’s nothing better than that!

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