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Your Ultimate Spring Break Packing List: Everything You’ll Need to Survive and Thrive

Spring Break is just around the corner and before you know it, it’ll be time for relaxation with your closest gal pals.

In the heat of the semester, it’s hard to believe you’ll even make it that long, but sister we see the light so keep clawing your way out because the nice warm beach is waiting for you on the other side of those assignments. But with you being completely swamped, how will you ever find the time to put together an adequate packing list? Guess what. You’re in luck because I’ve done it for you!

Behold, your ultimate packing list complete with everything you could ever need to survive and thrive on spring break! We’ll start with that which will make you thrive, then we’ll move into the basic things needed to just survive.

Sunglasses and Flipflops I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. If you forgot to pack sunglasses and flip flops, this semester has done you dirty and I’m praying this break away from it all works wonders.

Alba Botanica Sunscreen Oh, girly girl. Do not be caught at the beach without your sunscreen! One day without that bad boy can result in an entire week of misery. What’s perfect about this specific sunscreen is that it isn’t greasy, so it won’t make you feel icky or sweaty while you’re trying to have fun and look cute. Another thing is that it contains aloe vera, green tea, and palm kernel oil, which absorb quickly and effectively to nourish and protect sun-exposed skin.

Medicine   This will come in handy whether you’re battling a hangover, sunburn or even dehydration. Don’t forget your medicine. A lot of people don’t think about it, but it’s a little game-changer in a bottle and chances are at some point, you’ll find yourself driving to the nearest CVS to grab some. 

Waterproof Bag This is important for your phone. It’s a shock to no one that SB could potentially get a little sloppy, and the last thing you want is to be in a different state with an inoperable phone. So, spend the money now for preventative measures, rather than spending a fortune for a new phone later.

Volumizing Hair Spray This. Is. Necessary. No one has time to do their hair on Spring Break, and if you do, you’re not doing it right. This volumizing spray is my go-to! It’ll give you a beachy look without any of the work that comes along with it. A few spritzes of this and you’ll be good to go.

VaVa PLUMP Liquid Lipstick This is perfect for your nights out on the town. While laying on the beach, no one wants to cover their face in makeup, but this liquid lipstick is perfectly vibrant to let everybody know you’re there for a good time! This lip color will have everybody looking your direction, especially paired with that bronzy tan!

L’Oreal Self-Bronzer I know what you’re thinking, “um, but I’m already going to be on the beach, why do I need more self-bronzing towelettes?” That’s exactly why you do! You’re going to be on the beach and who wants to take time to do their makeup? These bronzing towelettes are super easy to apply before you head out for the day or the night and they’ll give you the extra glow you’ll want to feel sun-kissed and beachy! 

Finishing Spray This is a lifesaver because with the beach comes water and heat, and with water and heat comes frizz. It’s the perfect recipe for a hair disaster, but if you have anti-frizz spray, or as I like to call it, “frizz repellent,” nothing will ruin your hair!

Camelbak Camelbak’s are the most glorious inventions. They’re a teensy bit expensive, but they’re essential to your well-being and your quality of hydration. Did someone say hydration… Yeah, I did that. But only because it’s that necessary. If you have the extra money, spend it on a Camelbak. It’s a hands-free hydration station right on your back. Need I say more? 

Playlist Put together a stellar SB playlist of songs that’ll take you back to your unforgettable trip with your closest friends. If you can’t think of any songs to throw on a playlist, download Spotify and search for 2018 Spring Break playlists!

Easy Snacks Never underestimate the power of a snack. After a draining day on the beach, you’re going to stumble back to your hotel room desperate for something to rejuvenate you. Do yourself a solid now and stock up on some of your favorite snacks. They just might be your lifeline. 

Krazy Glue Singles Ok, again. I know what you’re thinkin’. BUT, these are actually so handy, and I promise once you’re there you’re going to find yourself in a scenario wishing you would’ve grabbed them while you could. Let’s all be honest for a second. Spring Break gets messy and it can get rowdy, which means things can get broken, like those sunglasses you need, or the single pair of flip flops you broke. Krazy Glue singles are perfectly small to fit inside your bags. You can just grab them at Walmart and trust me, while you’re out running around the beach and the lanyard holding your room key snaps, you’ll be thanking me. 

ALMAY Nude Eyeshadow Palette Neutral colors are everything on SB. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but if it’s hard for you to feel confident without makeup on, opt out for these neutral pallets. It’ll give you the shimmer you’re longing for while maintaining an effortlessly beachy look. 

These are all the things you’ll need in order to do SB right and have a stellar time! Things may be crazy now, but it’s coming and it’s coming fast, so don’t forget to include these things in your bags to give you the best Spring Break experience ever!

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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