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My Post-Valentine message is honestly a year-round memo. It’s time to focus on what is important: women. Specifically, our worth. Yes, it is applicable at any time, but I think a good reminder is always needed after the holiday of love. Don’t feel bad for being bae-less. And if you’re all boo’d up and happy then I am happy for you… here is a happy reminder that you are great.


Eye on the prize

  • First and foremost, YOU are the prize. Always remember that! Self-worth, sister, self-worth. Remembering that we are beautiful and capable and accomplished is everything.
  • Focus on other prizes, whatever they may be. Go get that degree, that bread, that career. Those dreams and goals won’t happen by themselves. Do NOT get distracted by trash bums.
  • Friends and fam – the best prize. A very necessary relationship that should never be ignored nor neglected. Definitely keep your eye on this prize. They will never leave and will always be there for you.
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Not to sound all mushy-gushy but wait for someone who will treat you like the queen you are. Do not disrespect yourself with trash bums. Your happiness and health is the most important prize. That is not worth sacrificing for anyone. There is a whole world to explore with so many people and prizes in it. Find your purpose in life for you! Not for him.

Cady Stribling

Murray State '22

Cady double majors in English and Journalism at Murray State University. In her free time she loves reading, dancing, and watching Mean Girls (obviously). Her favorite memory is swimming with dolphins - which is also her favorite animal. She is an avid supporter of the Oxford comma; her sweet tooth is never ending as is her passion for musicals. Cady hopes her future profession includes writing, traveling, and eating a plethora of ice cream.
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