Why Gray Wolves Still Need Protection

The Trump administration announced its plans to take away all Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves and we are not here for it. Essentially, federal protection for gray wolves is old news. Now all protection will be decided by the states. This is a problem because a lot of states won’t make rules against hunting or killing, and the population could drop drastically.

Back in the good ole days, there used to be 2 million gray wolves in North America. But people suck when it comes to animals (especially saving endangered animals) and in the early 1900's they were almost extinct, but it wasn't until 1978 that the species was finally put on the endangered list.

Photo by Yannick Menard

Gray wolves have had major success rates in population since they were put on the Endangered Species list. In places like Yellowstone National Park and Montana, they are thriving. They are actually doing so well that they were taken off the endangered list in 2011. But it is still not a good time to take gray wolves completely off the list. There are still major indicators that recovery time is still needed.

The population is still practically nonexistent in places like California and Washington. Where there used to be 2 million, there are now 5,500 in the US. Not enough for every state to take away protection. Basically, I am so tired of how human treat the environment and its inhabitants. Why can’t we help the gray wolves out? Fight the power and save the wolves.

For more information, visit http://www.endangered.org/trump-administration-to-strip-protections-for-gray-wolves/