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Which Streaming Service is Better: Netflix or Disney +

In the age of streaming services, it is becoming increasingly harder to figure out which one is better fit for your viewing pleasures. I came to the same crossroads when having to figure out do I want Netflix or Disney +. 

Netflix has long been the established king of streaming services. Offering a wide range of movies and television shows to watch, but recently things have begun to change. Netflix has begun to lose many rights that they previously owned to television shows and movies that brought many of its viewers in. For example, the TV giant “The Office” just recently left Netflix to go to NBC’s new streaming service Peacock. Many of the TV and movies that Disney had created have been taken off of Netflix to be streamed on Disney’s own streaming service.

Netflix has slowly begun to lose many of its loyal customers due to its declining library. However, to make up for this, Netflix has begun to make its own series and movies, many of which have become hits. Although Netflix has been known to be a family friendly streaming service, its content is beginning to lean more towards an adult and older generation friendly streaming service.

So, what about Disney +?

As someone who is going into the education field, Disney + is a blessing as it has many of the movies and TV shows that today’s children are growing up with. It also houses some of the classic Christmas movies that can be played for children around the holidays. With this in mind, Disney + also allows for streaming of National Geographic, which is incredibly helpful when trying to get children into a more educational approach to learning through television.

Disney + also allows for viewers to have a subscription to Hulu streaming services. For those that do not want to watch Disney movies and shows, this provides a great outlet to watch TV shows and movies that are more adequate for an older audience. There is also the addition that you get all of this for a monthly subscription of $12.99 as compared to Netflix, which has recently risen to $15.99/month.

Which streaming service is the winner?

Well, it all depends on what you want. Some viewers are loyal to one streaming service and will never leave, others are lazy and don’t want to delete their account because it takes too much effort. Additionally, if you happen to be more family oriented, are going into a field that will involve a younger audience, or just happen to love the bundle and price, then Disney + is for you. If you tend to like more mature content and love originals, then Netflix may be where you want to stay. I have both streaming services and I still am trying to figure out which one is the best for me.

Gabrielle Gray

Murray State '22

Gabrielle Gray is currently a senior at Murray State University majoring in Elementary Education.Other than attending classes, you can find her drinking coffee at Shaffer Coffee Co., eating sushi from Market 22 in the Curris Center, or helping out around the university. Gabrielle is heavily involved at Murray State University by being one of the College of Education and Human Services senators for the 2020-2021 academic year for the Murray State University Student Government Association, volunteering for events being held around campus, as well as being a social butterfly. Check her out this Fall at the Springer housing desk, or when she occasionally works at her second home: Dan's Southern Prep.
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