When a Pimple Pops Up

When we all enter middle school, we have this lovely upbringing of adulthood known as puberty. Not only was I lucky enough to have an unusual odor, abnormal body figure and greasy hair, but my puberty experience was defined by my acne.

Sure, we all get pimples from time to time, but my acne experience was far worse than I hope anybody ever has to go through. All throughout middle school and into my first two years of high school, I had very nasty cystic acne. One kid at school even went far enough to tell me that I should be the poster girl for Proactiv because my face was that ugly. I felt humiliated, embarrassed and didn’t think of myself as beautiful.

I went to numerous doctors, was on every medication and topical you could think of, and after four years, I finally started finding some answers. The face is the window to your health, so what does it mean when a pimple pops up?

Images courtesy of Michaela Molnar

Upper Forehead

Usually, when you get pimples on this portion of your face, it is a direct link to the digestive system and bladder. When you are consuming many foods, healthy or not, those that cannot be digested create this buildup of toxins when you eat in abundance. Consuming foods and drinks that are high in antioxidants can help you avoid these breakouts in the future.

Lower Forehead

Not all pimples appear because of something you eat. In fact, most pimples appear when you’re mentally struggling. Acne most common in this area of your face is due to irregular sleeping patterns, stress, bad blood circulation, depression, and anxiety. Try to find time to practice yoga, or workout to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only will working out help these two ailments, but it is also a proven fact that working out helps with depression because you feel proud of the work you’re doing on your body’s behalf. And if you can’t find time to exercise everyday, find ways to relax your mind, whether it’s reading a book before bed, or coloring in a coloring book.


Acne on your nose is a reflection of your heart. Most problems here revolve around high blood pressure and stress. So again, making sure you have time to relax your mind throughout the day, or whenever encountering a stressful period in your life.

Eyebrows & Temples

Among college kids, the most common pimples are found along these two facial features. These spots are reflective of your liver, so those who consume foods high in fat content and have high alcohol tolerances tend to break out here often. The simplest solution to this problem is to lower or limit your consumption of the two.


YES, THEY’RE A THING. YES, IT’S WEIRD. But, ear pimples are one of the pimples spots you should really be careful about. A lack of water, or an over-consumption of caffeinated drinks or food high in sodium are the reasons for these annoying zits. We all get distracted and forget to hydrate ourselves with water, when majority of the time, water helps eliminate the potential of pimples on your face before they even appear.


I didn’t know I had any allergies until I started breaking out on my cheeks, but the right cheek corresponds with the lungs. Normally, acne that comes into view here is caused from allergies and smoking. Obviously, try to avoid smoking whenever you can and if you’re thinking you may have food allergies, get tested or go on a strict diet to try to assess the trigger yourself.

Mouth & Chin

Once again, pimples pop up usually from the foods we eat. These pimples are mirror images of your stomach and small intestine. This usually means that you’re eating too many fatty foods and you may even be constipated. To avoid this, try eating healthier, market-fresh foods and high fiber foods.

Sides of Chin

The acne that arises in this section of your face is typically associated with the reproductive system and kidneys. On the reproductive side, this typically means that you have a hormonal imbalance, or may have something to do with your menstrual cycle, or both. Personally, whenever these show up on me, it’s because I’m about to start my menstrual cycle. Not all acne appears because of a problem with some organ or system in your body,either. I know that laying my hand on my chin and allowing the oils from my hands to clog my face can also cause pimples in this area. Acne on the sides of the chin may also be a cause of your kidneys working too hard, so relaxation is key to limiting the production of pimples here.

Now, don’t go on webMD and diagnose yourself with a bunch of new diseases because a pimple popped up on your face. Pimples aren’t always telling us that we have an underlying problem. Most of my pimples show up because I forget to take off my makeup, or I touch my face after running my hands through my dirty hair. And pimples can show up anywhere on your body, too, not just your face. So, don’t spaz if you find pimples on your chest, shoulders, or back. These are most commonly due to stress and what you eat, similarly to all of the others. But, your pimples aren’t going to magically disappear, unless you work at it and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Images courtesy of Michaela Molnar

Now, eight years later, I consider my skin and overall health to be a lot better than it was back then. And the funniest part of this entire experience was that that kid who bullied me in middle school attempted to ask me out on a date, thinking I would’ve forgotten about his foolish and petty remarks. We aren’t all born princesses. Cinderella was a house maid wearing scrubs before her fairy godmother gave her the opportunity to show off and discover her true beauty, regardless of what others had convinced her of before.