What's the Deal With Angel Numbers?

Around this time two years ago, my great grandmother, who I called Granny, was preparing to pass on. I think about her all the time and the legacy she desired to leave behind. Although I'm told often that I got my sass and stubbornness from her, I do believe that she also gave me her strength, bold nature and desire to make sure those around her were at their happiest. Granny was quite the oddball, too. When we attended funerals, she'd always make me touch the hands of the person in the casket and say a prayer with her. She told me we were giving that spirit permission to pass on and into a better life. Granny believed strongly in the presence of the Lord and angels, and I have no doubt that she's an angel looking down on me right now.

For those currently living in the Bible Belt, I can assume that majority of the population has a strong belief in God, or some sort of higher power. But, when God doesn't answer our prayers, that doesn't mean he isn't there or isn't supporting us in other ways. Many believe that our loved ones who have passed on, our angels, are our spirit guides sent by the Lord to help us through any hardships we may have. This phenomena is also seen through the presence of angel numbers. 

Angel numbers are defined as a short sequence of numbers that you either keep seeing, or that seem to stand out to you at a meaningful time. So, how do these numbers work? Well, the first way is when your angels give you a little "nudge" to look at the clock at a certain time. For myself, I always see the time, 6:24. I don't search for it. It just so happens that whenever I glance at the clock, my phone, or even do something as simple as buying a meal at my favorite local restaurant, the number appears to be 624. Now, this doesn't happen all the time, but almost every day, this number makes an appearance in my life. 

Photo by Alex Presa on Unsplash

So, why can't angels just speak to us instead of showing us these numbers? In the same way that God does not expose himself, angels don't, either. They try to find different ways to show us they're there for us. These signs and signals are supposed to guide us along the path we're meant to follow.

The definition of numerology is the study of the vibrational meaning of numbers, and angel numbers bring this concept to light. Angel numbers consist of numbers 0-9. Other numbers are identified as "master numbers" and can also be considered angel numbers, although these are more specific and far and few to come by. Master numbers generally include the following, but are not limited to: 11 and 22.

After researching multiple definitions for the significance of each number, here is what I came up with:

0 – You are receiving divine guidance and reassurance on your path.

1 – Keep your thoughts positive, focus on your desires and suppress your fears. Your thoughts create reality.

2 – Stay optimistic and continue to hold the vision, even through tough times.

3 – Your guides are with you offering love and wisdom.

4 – Your angels are surrounding you to offer assistance in this exact moment.

5 – Positive change is coming. Ask your angels to help you manifest this change.

6 – Release fear, embrace trust, and find balance between the spiritual and material realms.

7 – Your path is aligned with Divine fortune. Pay attention to new opportunities.

8 – Infinite success and abundance are yours, in alignment with your Higher Purpose.

9 – It is time to begin the work of your Soul Path, now that you have all you need.

11 – Your intuition is on target. Keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and your greatest dreams.

22 – Be patient, your prayers have been received and will soon be realized if you continue to work towards them.

Photo by Vladimir Tsokalo on Unsplash

You can call me a little crazy or assume I'm making this up, but I can assure you, I'm not. You have to admit, there's something unusual about seeing these numbers as often as I do. If you're interested in more information, or looking for more clarification, I highly suggest that you look up some more information on the subject. It's very interesting, especially if you're into spiritual meanings and unexplained phenomena, similar to zodiacs, for example. I'm not sure who my spirit guide(s) is/are, but I do know for certain that my Granny is up there watching over me and that she'd be telling me the same things my angel numbers are telling me to do to get to where I'm meant to be.