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What You Need to Know Before November 6

Midterm elections are November 6. If you are a Kentucky resident, and you don’t already know where to vote, find out here. And if you’re a Murray resident, and you’re voting in the local election this year (and you should!) read on below to find out about who the candidates will be on your ballot this year, and the issues they will be facing.


United States [Kentucky] Representative in Congress, 1st Congressional District

Represents the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the House of Representatives.


  • Border security
  • Immigration
  • Environmental preservation
  • Healthcare


James R. Comer (R)

Paul Walker (D)

State Representative, 5th Representative District

Represents the 5th District voter constituent in Frankfort.


  • State budget
  • State-funded pensions
  • Education


Larry Elkins (R)

David Ramey (D)

Commonwealth’s Attorney, 42nd Judicial District

Prosecutes those accused of federal crimes in Kentucky. The only attorney authorized to participate in grand jury proceedings. The highest law enforcement in the district.


Dennis R. Foust (I)

C. Mark Blankenship (I)

County Judge-Executive

Executive of the Fiscal Court of Calloway County. Attends to and maintains the laws of the county and keeps track of the finances for the area.


  • Library board/library expansion
  • County budget
  • Oversee the government of Calloway County.


Kenny Imes (R)

James C. Gallimore (D)

Vincent B. Costello (Veteran’s Party of America)

William Earl Marcum (I)


Evaluates and inspects deaths in Calloway County. When/if the death in question was determined to be violent, unexpected, or otherwise unnatural, the coroner can request a post-mortem exam or an inquest.


Janus Vilardo (R)

Ricky Garland (D)


Represents their district on the Calloway County Fiscal Court. The fiscal court may appropriate county funds for lawful purposes, buy and sell county property, supervise the fiscal affairs of the county and county officers, and exercise all other corporate powers of the county. Further, the fiscal court may investigate all activities of county government and establish appointive offices and define their duties.


1st District:

Eddie Clyde Hale (I)

2nd District:

William “Bill” Duncan (R)

Larry Crutcher (D)

3rd District:

Don Cherry (R)

4th District:

Paul W. Rister (R)

Ralph Rogers (D)


Peace officers with broad powers of arrest and authority to serve court processes. They may execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notices, rules, and orders of the court in all criminal, penal, and civil cases.


1st District:


2nd District:

Byran Paul Williams (D)

3rd District:

Tim Stone (D)

4th District: 

Timmy R. Manning (D)

Murray Independent School District Board of Education

Represents their community in overseeing local schools as part of the state system. Responsible for district leadership, fiscal management, district policies, and community engagement.


Mark Vinson

Gina Shiplet Winchester

Shawn Smee

Martin Milkman

Miranda Terry

Mayor – City of Murray

Holds executive authority of the city. Supervises all departments of city government. Reports to the council and to the public on the condition and needs of city government. Makes any recommendations for actions by the council he finds in the public interest.


Bob Rogers

Ed Davis

Murray City Council

Holds legislative authority of the city. The council shall by ordinance establish all appointive offices and the duties and responsibilities of those offices and codes, rules and regulations for the public health, safety and welfare. The council shall by ordinance provide for sufficient revenue to operate city government and shall appropriate the funds of the city in a budget which shall provide for the orderly management of city resources. 


  • Payroll tax


Dan M. Miller

Sue Hood

Alice J. Rouse

Monty McCuiston

Barbara Cobb

Danny O. Hudspeth

John Mark Roberts

Patricia “Pat” W. Sieber

Pat Scott

Jessica Evans

Ron “R.G.” Gladden

Rickie D. Spann

Jane Brandon

Donnie Winchester

Wesley Bolin

Johnny Bohannon

Jane Shoemaker

Rose Ross Elder

Deana Wright

Jeremy Bell

Linda Cherry

Terry Strieter

Burton Young

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