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Tips When Giving A Thank You Gift 


A goal I have set for myself during this pandemic is to practice gratitude daily. Showing the people around you how much you appreciate them will not only make their day, but it will help you build a relationship with them. Recently, I’ve implemented into my gratitude practice the giving of thank-you gifts. Rather than sending a thank-you email I’ve made the effort to either write a card or send a gift to show my appreciation. 


Handwritten Cards


When it comes to writing a thank-you card, you should aim to keep the note short and meaningful. Be specific. Say exactly what you are grateful for and what it meant to you. When I write a thank you, I always type out my first draft so my computer can correct any grammatical errors, and I can easily delete or add to the note. Once I have my finished draft on my computer, I start writing on the card I intend to send. When writing a thank-you note, aim to fill the entire card. Look at how long your draft is on the computer and estimate how big your writing should be in order to evenly fill the space. 



If you decide to give a thank-you gift, you need to make sure that it is a gift the receiver will find meaningful and useful. Maybe steer clear from giving a gift card! Although it is useful, the meaning really isn’t there. In my opinion, there are three gifts that work for any occasion. 

  1. Flowers: A classic, heartfelt gift that will fit in anyone’s space. Whether you want to send a bouquet or hand deliver an arrangement, the recipient will be sure to feel the love! 

  2. Candles: A nice, neutral-colored candle is a less intimate gift that is still pretty universal. No matter the season, a nice smelling candle will be a great reminder of how grateful you are for them each time they light it. 

  3. Food: If you are thanking a host for having a party, bring an appetizer on a nice serving platter. Or you can bring a basket of treats that match the occasion! Both of these gifts are great ways to say, “I appreciate your efforts!” Plus let’s be real, who doesn’t love food? 


There is nothing better than seeing the faces of my family and friends when I surprise them with a gift. Notes and small meaningful gifts go a long way, and they show those people in your life that you care greatly about their friendship. 

Julia Cwiklowski

Murray State '21

Julia Cwiklowski is a senior studying Advertising and Marketing at Murray State University. When she isn't studying, you can find her working out, listening to podcasts, or curled up with a good book. Julia loves to cook, go on hikes and hang with her friends. After graduation, Julia hopes to work as a project manager at an advertising agency.