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Time is running out! What should you be for Halloween this year?

Girls everywhere are faced with the same daunting question every October, what should I be for Halloween? For some, dressing up for Halloween is the highlight of their fall. For others, even the thought of trying to survive a night out in an uncomfortable costume gives them a headache.

But whether you love it or detest, deciding what to be can be hard work. Should I be sexy or funny? Cute or comfortable? Relevant or obscure? The options are endless, but time is running out, so take this quiz to help you decide on a quick and easy costume for this weekend! Keep track of how many times you pick each letter.


1. What was the REAL song of the summer?

          a. Luis Fonsi – Despacito

          b. Bruno Mars – That’s what I like

          c. Lorde – Green Light

2. What’s the best part about Halloween?

          a. The parties, DUH!

          b. Dressing up as something you’re not

          c. All the spooky-ooky-ness

3. Favorite Halloween candy?

          a. Lollipops~

          b. Kit-Kats, Reese’s, Snickers, basically anything with chocolate in it…

          c. The gummy Krabby Patties and vampire teeth


4. How do you feel about group costumes?

          a. I prefer being special and unique

          b. They’re okay, depends on who it’s with

          c. The more the merrier

5. Where will you be on Halloween night?

          a. Wherever the night takes me

          b. Watching an all night scary movie marathon in my apartment

          c. Trick-or-Treating

6. Which of these celebs inspires you the most?

          a. J-Lo

          b. Khloe Kardashian

          c. Melissa McCarthy

7. Favorite Magazine?

          a. Cosmopolitan

          b. Seventeen

          c. The Onion

8. Relationship status?

          a. Single and ready to mingle

          b. I have the day we met in my instagram bio

          c. Like dating? LOL I’m a single pringle and don’t want to mingle

9. Which description matches that of your dream prom dress most closely?

          a. Two-piece with a mermaid skirt and lace bodice

          b. Princess gown with a sweetheart neckline

          c. 80’s, retro, basically the dress from Pretty in Pink

10. What do you spend the majority of your money on?

          a. Sephora, It’s my guilty pleasure

          b. Food. Duh.

          c. Online shopping


Now, add up which letter you had the most of to decide what costume is right for you this Halloween!

Mostly A’s – You probably want to look hot this Halloween. You’re going to attend all the hottest parties around campus, so you need to look your absolute best. I suggest channeling the inner Elle Woods in all of us and going as a Play Boy Bunny. A leotard in whichever color looks best on you off of Amazon, sheers, bunny ears, a tail, and heels. If you’re short on time, I suggest making your own ears and tail. For the ears, you can attach pipe cleaners to a headband and shape them like bunny ears. For the tail, buy a small amount of tulle to bunch up in the shape of a tail and sew it to the leotard with fish line.

If you really want to spice it up you could add a bow tie, gloves or even fur to your costume.

Mostly B’s – You want to look cute this Halloween! You don’t want to be the main focus of the party. Whether that’s because you’re already taken or you’re an introvert doesn’t matter. Either way you still want to dress up! I suggest being fruit for Halloween. The costume is simple and adorable! All you need as an oversized t-shirt, a sharpie, glue, a headband and construction paper. Pick whatever fruit you want to be and buy a t-shirt in that color. You could be a pineapple, strawberry, or even a pumpkin! Us your sharpie to draw on the seeds, lines, or faces for your chosen costume. Next, make sure to buy construction paper in the same color as the stem of your fruit. Cut it in the desired shape of your chosen fruit and glue it to the headband using hot glue. You’re done! This can be worn with a simple pair of converse for all night comfort!

Mostly C’s – You want to be silly this Halloween! You could care less what people think about your costume. I suggest being a loofah for Halloween. This costume is incredibly simple. Buy a large amount of tulle in any color. To go under the loofah costume you are going to want to wear spandex and a tank-top in the same color as your tulle (if you want it to be less revealing, you could always wear colorful tights instead of spandex).To make the loofah, you’re going to need about $20 of tulle. Divide the tulle into 8 equal sections. Attach 4 of the sections of tulle to a headband that goes around your chest and the other 4 to a headband for around your waist. You can also use string to make a “halter” attached to your loofah. When you put the costume on the day of, make sure to fluff it up as much as possible!


I am a first year student at Murray State University and I am majoring in Spanish with teacher certification. I am originally from Racine, Wisconsin but the cold weather drove me south. I also run for the Cross Country and Track and Field team. When I am not studying or running, you can probably find me either in the Franklin kitchen or crocheting while watching the latest Netflix drama.
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