Three Funny TikTok Trends I am Definitely Going to Force My Friends to Do With Me

1. Headphone Q&A challenge 

This has been a trend on the internet for quite some time now, and I think it is hilarious! Step number one, choose a victim to be the interviewee. Sit them down and put some headphones over their ears, preferably noise cancelling headphones. Once the victim has the headphones on, turn the music up just loud enough to where they cannot hear what anyone in the room is saying. Turn your phone video on and start asking them questions.

The friend with the headphones is tasked with answering your questions but has to rely solely on reading your lips. As you can imagine, most of the time the answers end up being completely unrelated to the question that was asked and are quite comical. 

2. Best friends challenge 

This is a best friend challenge I have been wanting to do all summer! Grab your best friend, take them to your favorite supermarket, set a budget, and give them a list like the following: 

  1. Favorite snack

  2. Favorite drink 

  3. Favorite color

  4. Something that reminds you of them 

  5. Something they will use everyday 

Grab a cart and run in the opposite direction from your friend; then, get to shopping. The idea is to buy an item for your friend that fits each category on the list (buy your friends favorite snack, drink, etc.). After all the items are purchased, have your reveal. Take each item out one by one and watch your bestie gush over their gifts! I think this is super cute for a friend date! Not only is it a reason to spoil your best friend but you get to see how well you know each other! 


3. Layers challenge 

This challenge makes me crack up every time I see it. Basically, one person is trying to put on as many layers of clothing as they can. Start with a tight fitting shirt, and see how many layers you can put on top. Think of Joey from Friends: Season 3 episode 2 (If you don't get this reference, go look it up). Watch your friend turn into Michelin Man as they pile on their sweaters and let the laughs roll.