Thankful from HC Murray State

Her Campus at Murray State is thankful for so many things. We asked a few of our HC family what they are thankful for here is what they had to say.

Taylor Shea West

 Taylor Shea West, smiling, cat

"My 2 nieces and nephew!"

Emma Renfro

 2 people, people smiling, people standing

"My sisters and my fam!!!"

Gracie Hardesty

 1 person, smiling

"Family and my dog!"

Simon Placr

 Simon Placr, closeup

"My cat!"

Edie Greenberg

"My cat, my family, shelter and our family pets."

Callie Smith

 Callie Elizabeth Smith, smiling, closeup

"My dogs, my family, my friends, safety/security, the ability to experience new things, my hearing (since I’m losing so much LOL), the ability to learn new things all the time."

Sarah Slayton

 Sarah Guinn and Sarah Slayton, people smiling, people standing

"My family, my good pals, my marriage and, of course, our HC family!

Julia Cwiklowski

"My crazy roommate lol."