Spill: Your Favorite "Hidden Gems" of Murray

Surprisingly, there is more to Murray than Murray State University and 12th Street. If you have a chance to explore other parts of Murray, KY, you might be surprised at what you could find. There are several "hidden" places here that could be your new favorite place.

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Your Favorite Hidden Gems of Murray:

"There’s a flower booth at the farmer’s market. Get there early on Saturday and buy some fresh flowers!"

"Mi Pueblo on the corner of 12th and Sycamore has great authentic Mexican food."

"There’s a blank white cement wall catty-corner to the back of Big Apple Café. It's great for a blank background for photo shoots."

"The inside of Pogue Library has comfy couches and cool, quiet spaces making it the perfect place to hide away."

"There are some nice hiking trails in Murray Central Park that are small, but great to just wander around and relax."

"Mugsy’s Hideout is found on Main Street on Murray’s court square. It offers classic Chicago foods like Italian beef and deep-dish pizza. It also serves some bomb ass bacon cheese fries."

"The side of Pogue facing the quad is also the best spot to sit outside and relax any day!"

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Burden

"My favorite study spot is between the chemistry and physics building. There’s a corner study spot with a couch, chalkboard, a table, and chairs."

"Nothing But Deals is a store selling name brand shoes for cheap."

"J-Mack Barbecue is down the road from the theater, and it has an amazing menu and a student discount."

"The garden by the Fine Arts building is neat."

"The arboretum is really close to campus and the perfect place to walk your dog, take photos, or have a picnic!"

"It's not exactly in Murray, but Land Between the Lakes is just a short drive from the city. There are fun things like hiking trails, horseback riding, camping, and kayaking."