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Reliving the Drama: Women Tell-All

We will get through this season together, guys, I promise. Just one episode at a time. We are so close to being done with this mess by this time next week. Monday night, we saw the conclusion of the last rose ceremony where it appeared Madison may or may not show up as well as the women tell all. Before getting into the details of the tell-all event, let’s go back to the rose ceremony.

a single red rose lying on a black tabletop garryknight

Between clips of only Hannah Ann and Victoria getting ready, there is still no telling if Madison makes an appearance. Some fans felt like her exit last week was it and that she left then. I, personally, did not get that feeling, which is why I wasn’t surprised when Madison showed up fashionably late to the rose ceremony. Like seriously, what would have happened if she just left? Would Peter jump the fence for her like Colton did? Would Peter just be forced to bring both Hannah Ann and Victoria to his hometown? Hannah Ann receives the first rose, and, obviously, Madison receives the second one, sending Victoria home. And, to be honest, I really appreciated the way Victoria handled being sent home. When she gets emotional, she tends to stumble over her words, become defensive, and really just implode the conversation. Although it was obvious she was emotional and had a bit of attitude to her (saying “I don’t want to hear it” as Peter spews the usual crap about “oh I really enjoyed getting to know you, you’ll make someone happy” blah blah blah. I don’t blame her, I’ve said the same thing), she maintained her composure and left without a huge, dramatic scene. This was relieving, to say the least. 

As we transition into the tell-all, a compilation of all the drama this season is played and, boy, did I forget about half of this nonsense. It made me realize just how ridiculous this season is, and for what? A mediocre season that I don’t even care about how it ends? The champagne gate and Alayah drama feel like centuries ago. I’m pretty confident that watching this season has aged me ten years. To only add to how ridiculous this season is, everyone there immediately starts arguing over two different topics. Everyone is yelling over each other, and the slow zoom in to Chris Harrison’s face is a mood. So, it’s comforting to know no one has grown up since the season was filmed. 

Ashley Iaconetti makes an appearance to surprise Kelsey, who she has been openly supporting and a fan of throughout the season. She also gives her a ginormous bottle of champagne in hopes she will not misplace it or it’s obvious if someone steals it. Honestly, this whole season was suddenly worth it just to set the right circumstances for Ashley I. to make a guest appearance. 

Since Victoria F. was sent home during this most recent rose ceremony, she gets put in the hot seat and has a recap of her season shown, and it’s just as bad as I remember. She denies breaking up any marriages admits that she could have handled this season a lot better, so we finally agree on something. 

However, something stuck out to be during the tell-all: Kelley and Natasha weren’t there. According to Ashley I. on her podcast, Kelley was not invited to attend the tell-all, and speculation claims it may be because she doesn’t necessarily fit into the process of the show. It was obvious throughout the season that she wasn’t into the process and wasn’t completely buying into it. Although, Natasha was reportedly invited and chose not to go, which is apparently pretty unheard of in the bachelor world. 

To summarize, we had a lot of conflicts and not a lot of resolution. It seems like a fitting way to round out this season. Next week, we finally wrap up this season with a two-part finale on Monday and Tuesday night.