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Over the past year, TikTok has transformed from something I hid from my friends on my phone to something my friends and I spend hours sending videos to each other on. I thought I’d share some of my favorite creators, including ones who may not be as popular. 

  1. @theyeeetbaby
    1. This account is one of the funniest and cutest that I follow. @theyeeetbaby belongs to Chris who shares videos of him with his niece Marleigh who is just a toddler learning to talk. Chris shares videos of him and Marleigh dancing, taking Danimal shots, and screaming “YEET!” at each other. All of their videos are guaranteed to make you smile. 
  2. @tannertan36
    1. Tanner makes hilarious videos that are so accurate you’ll be scared. His videos are similar to POV (point of view) videos in which he plays a character that is so realistic it’s a bit scary. Some of my favorites are his Hobby Lobby videos where he pretends to be an old Hobby Lobby employee. Some of his other videos show him as a Cracker Barrel waitress, a science teacher, a Starbucks employee, and of course, a Karen. Check his videos out for a good laugh.
  3. @jorobe
    1. John Robert Bell makes videos that highlight things that happen on TikTok that need addressing. He often makes videos about injustices happening on the app, or creators being insensitive or hateful. His videos are educational, and while they may not make you feel so good, it is reassuring to see people who shouldn’t be on the app called out for their words and actions. 
  4. @sutherlandphys
    1. Professor Chris Sutherland makes hilarious videos from his point of view as a college physics professor. His content relates to much of Gen Z because he is so young himself. His videos always make me laugh and I recommend following him.
  5. @vaneamaro91
    1. Vanesa makes AMAZING cleaning videos that you just have to see. She is a professional housekeeper and shares all of her best tips and tricks to get your house super clean. She shows you how to clean anything from your sink drain to your window screens. She even gives recommendations on products. I have used many of her tips and they always work flawlessly. 
  6. @ladyefron
    1. Brooke is one of the funniest people and I am so glad I followed her. She makes relatable yet hilarious content about her life, most often answering comments that people leave on her videos. Her self-deprecating humor is something that has become more common, but I still really enjoy her videos because they stand out among others. 
  7. @itscaitlinhello
    1. Caitlin is by far the funniest person on this app and somehow she only has 1.3 million followers. She makes little sketches on her TikTok where she embodies a character and really brings it to life. Some of my favorites are her WASP mom impression and the impression of the girl who bullied you in high school. She truly nails these impressions every time. I would even say she is SNL quality comedy. Do yourself a favor and follow her.
  8. @iamtabithabrown
    1. You need to follow Tabitha Brown, especially if you’re hungry and lonely. She posts amazing recipes and cooking videos on her page, along with some mom love videos. Her voice is so soothing and just listening to her talk is like getting a big hug from your mom. Her recipes are also vegan, so that’s an added bonus.
  9. @sittingonstacy
    1. Sitting On Stacy is a small group from San Diego that mostly does covers of oldies and I just love listening to them. They’re not that well known, so I’m doing you a favor by adding them to this list. It’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite song that they’ve covered. They also have original songs on their Spotify. 
  10. @diarrheaquinn
    1. I’ve been following Quinn for a long time and his videos always make me laugh. He makes funny and relatable content, but it’s his laugh that keeps me watching. He has such an infectious laugh and it’s present in almost all of his videos
  11. @ghosthoney
    1. Tyler is another creator that I love watching because of their soothing voice. His videos are always pleasant to watch, and nothey are normally very sweet. His videos are a nice addition to my typically chaotic feed.
  12. @reitergrace
    1. Grace reminds me of a young female version of Jack Black. Her comedy is on another level and she’s always posting content. Once again, she is also pretty relatable but mostly posts weird videos. 
  13. @jellopus
    1. Larry is an artist who is documenting his weight loss and mental health journey on TikTok. His videos motivate me to be productive with my day and I love seeing how positive he is despite all of the mean people who comment on his page. He is such a sweetheart! I love his videos where he goes through his day at a glimpse and we get to see a bit of his art and workout routine. 
  14. @brittany_broski
    1. I love Brittany Broski! You may know her as the Kombucha girl meme. I feel that I often relate to her content more than others that may pop up on my page because she is in her early twenties like me. A lot of other influencers are in high school. She’s always posting funny and relatable content, and she even has several “secret” accounts that are actually funnier than her main. She posts a lot on Youtube and Instagram as well where she does collabs with people like Trixie Mattel, a famous drag queen, and Sarah Schauer, a famous viner.
  15. @muslimthicc
    1. Zahra is amazing not only for her relatable content, but for the educational videos she makes about her culture. I have actually learned a lot from her videos. In some of her recent videos, she talked about her hijab, her religion and traditions, and even things that are happening across the country.
Hannah Kamman

Murray State '22

Hannah Kamman is an elementary education major at Murray State University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, spending time outside and cuddling with her cat. She is a dance teacher and a tree hugger.
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