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My Favorite Christmas Movies

My absolute favorite thing to do during the Christmas season is to watch movies. I curl up on the couch with some fuzzy socks, a warm blanket, and some hot coffee. I sit by the fire in front of the Christmas tree. Every year I say that I’m going to watch a Christmas movie every night of Christmas break, but I have yet to actually do that. Maybe this year will be the year! I hope you’ll join me in watching some of my favorite Christmas movies ever!

1. A Holiday Engagement

I like this movie because it also features Thanksgiving, so I don’t feel bad about starting it a little early. This is a typical movie about a girl that has no one to take home for Christmas, so she hires a fake fiance. Then-spoiler alert-they fall in love. It is super sweet and definitely one that I will be watching again this year.

2. A Christmas Kiss

This one recently got taken off Netflix, but I’m ordering it off Amazon so that I can watch it this year! This is legitimately one of my favorite movies of all time-not just Christmas. This is the epitome of cheesy Christmas movies, and I absolutely love it! The couple meets in an elevator, kiss, but then the girl runs off. They eventually meet again, but the guy doesn’t recognize the girl. Men! And what’s worse, she finds out not only is he her boss’s boyfriend, but she has to work to decorate his house for Christmas. What will happen, you’ll have to watch to find out!

3. The Christmas Switch

Yes, the very popular new Christmas movie on Netflix featuring Vanessa Hudgens as not one, but two characters. When the duchess wants to experience life as a normal girl, she takes the opportunity when she finds look-alike baking contestant Stacey. The two switch lives, but when it comes time to switch back, they both have a hard time letting go. I watched this one with my suitemates, and we all went in with low expectations but were happily surprised.

4. White Christmas

This is a Christmas tradition for my family. My mom, sister, and me always watch White Christmas and Eloise Christmas during break. This is a holiday classic that warms my heart. I’m a sucker for old movies, and all of the songs are so catchy. If you haven’t ever seen this one, I highly recommend it.

5. Christmas with a View.

This is about a celebrity chef and a waitress that meet and fall in love. They face some struggles with his fame but are able to overcome them. Any movie where a man cooks is a winner in my book. I watched this one a few weeks ago, but I will definitely watch it again.


I hope you’ll give some of these a try. I will probably watch one tonight now that I have talked about them so much! Enjoy your Christmas break!

Sarah is a senior Dietetics major. She loves to be involved and keep busy, so you will probably see her drinking an iced coffee. She also enjoys binging HGTv and Food Network.
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