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Over Christmas break, my friend and I went to a psychic. Both of us are into anything supernatural, so when we saw the sign, we had to check it out. I personally wanted to see whether psychics were real or not. I’d seen the movies, and I needed to experience it for myself. Can they really predict the future or is it all a scam? My friend and I sat at a table in the psychic’s tiny kitchen. It wasn’t “mystical” like how the media portrays. She had dinner in the stove, and someone was blaring the TV in another room. No crystal balls or unexplainable gusts of wind.

My friend did her reading with tarot cards. For the most part, the psychic nailed everything. I’d give her about 9/10 on accuracy. I asked her how she knew so much since the cards were her only tool. She told us that reading palms or tarot cards was a learnt skill – anyone could do it. Honestly, the concept of a psychic is crazy to me. I didn’t know if that meant anyone could learn to be a psychic, and if so where did I sign up? Or do the cards aid her psychic abilities? So many questions.


So, I decided to do a palm reading (it was cheaper). Palm readings are supposed to be less specific, but I was shook. The psychic still told me things that could not apply to the average Joe. She started by asking me my sign. She asked if I had weird dreams or problems sleeping. I was skeptical… who doesn’t have weird dreams? But then she asked me about specific people in my life. At this point her questions were just too precise. Then she asked about my struggles deciding between two majors and that really did it for me.

I hadn’t prompted that in any way, and that was something that weighed heavily on my mind. Maybe she really did have psychic abilities. Honestly, I have no clue. But I will say that some of her predictions were a bit wacky. For example, she said I’m having four kids and that is not happening. But overall, I had a really fun time. It’s definitely something I will do again in the future. Whether you believe psychics or not, it’s a great experience. See for yourself whether psychics are real.

Cady Stribling

Murray State '22

Cady double majors in English and Journalism at Murray State University. In her free time she loves reading, dancing, and watching Mean Girls (obviously). Her favorite memory is swimming with dolphins - which is also her favorite animal. She is an avid supporter of the Oxford comma; her sweet tooth is never ending as is her passion for musicals. Cady hopes her future profession includes writing, traveling, and eating a plethora of ice cream.
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