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Manage Your Time Better With These Easy Tips

I am not the oracle of good time management. It’s actually quite the opposite. Just like everyone else I procrastinate, I get distracted, I break down in frustration. But I do understand how important it is – especially when it comes to success – and it’s definitely something everyone can improve on.

Why It’s Important

College can be overwhelming, and there just isn’t enough time in the day for everything. Attempting to balance it all means we tend to neglect things like sleeping and eating. Sorry about sounding like a mom, but you gotta get enough sleep. And managing your time is the best way to do this and not feel overwhelmed. Also, think about the future. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and forget about things you want to accomplish. Managing your time can help you keep your future goals in sight. We’re all imperfect, so it’s important to practice these skills.

The hardest part is starting. Once you start, it takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation to keep going. And anything (cough, cough Netflix) can distract you from the path you are on to achieve your goals. But with the right practice you won’t have to cut out your favorite series – you simply have to manage them both.

Image by Matt Ragland


  • Write down everything you do for a week. Analyze how you spend your time and what can be done to better your schedule
  • Practice good habits and take out things that take too much time
  • Create to-do lists
  • Prioritize your to-do list and accomplish what you can
  • Write out your goals. Writing them out means you are more likely to accomplish them
  • Ask for help on whatever you need to complete your goals
  • Plan and organize. This is time well spent to think about your day and balance everything that needs to be done
  • Learn ways to help with procrastination
  • Be flexible with your schedule. Learn to accommodate and adjust
  • Reward yourself

This last one is important. Keep in mind that life is short! Have fun while you can and reward yourself on small achievements. Overall, cramming so many tasks into very little time frames can be exhausting. Practice and take it one day at a time. But you will see a difference and find that you have much more time than you thought.

Cady Stribling

Murray State '22

Cady double majors in English and Journalism at Murray State University. In her free time she loves reading, dancing, and watching Mean Girls (obviously). Her favorite memory is swimming with dolphins - which is also her favorite animal. She is an avid supporter of the Oxford comma; her sweet tooth is never ending as is her passion for musicals. Cady hopes her future profession includes writing, traveling, and eating a plethora of ice cream.
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