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Life’s a Beach, but Spring Break Doesn’t Have to Be

When you think about spring break, what comes to mind? Vacationing? Beaches? Laying in the sun for hours? Spring break doesn’t have to be all about traveling to a tropical destination. Staying home can be just as worthwhile as jetting off on a getaway. Save money on travel costs and stay in this spring break! Read on for some ideas that will make your hometown spring break memorable.

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

  1. Be a tourist in your own city. Think of the most overrated, most tourist-y location that has all the locals rolling their eyes. Go there. It might be just as lame as you think it is, or it could be awesome. You never know.

  2. Spend a day trying new restaurants. You know that one restaurant’s name makes you think: “I’ve heard about it before. I really need to go sometime.” Go. That time is now. Or, for those who have tried absolutely every place to eat: switch up your order! Go back to your favorite restaurant and instead of ordering your favorite meal, be a little adventurous and try something new!

  3. Visit your old teachers. Just the thought of going back to high school is enough to send chills down my spine, but being able to visit the teachers who changed my life makes it worth it. You might think they don’t remember you, but you would be surprised which teachers you’ve made an impact on. Tell them about your whole new life at college. Tell them about your classes, your friends, and your plans for the future. I promise, just reaching out to plan a visit would brighten up any teacher’s day.

  4. Catch up with childhood friends. We’ve all been there. You grow up, go to different schools, and slowly lose touch. As hard as we may try, it’s hard keeping up with everyone’s lives once you become involved in your new life away at college. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care for each other anymore. Ring them up. Go out for lunch. Your life may not be exciting to you, but, for someone who hasn’t been around for a few years, it’s full of new adventures.

  5. Be lazy, guilt-free. After surviving the first half of spring semester, you deserve a nice, lazy break. Sitting in bed all day with Netflix continuously asking, “Are you still watching?” sounds so appealing after midterms. But, let’s be real. It feels like a waste of a vacation to sit in a hotel room on Netflix if there’s a beach just outside the window. To combat this guilt, let your own backyard be just outside the window! Being lazy is awesome no matter where you are, and being lazy in your own bed is free (and probably more comfortable).

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Allison Hine

Murray State '20

Allison is a psychology major at Murray State University and can be easily spotted across campus by her purple hair. As a St. Louis native, she loves Ted Drewes and will certainly ask where you went to high school. She's been riding horses for over eight years and hopes to someday afford a horse of her own. But, her Pitbull, Piccolo, will do for now. When she's not talking about her dog, Allison can usually be found binging the latest shows on Hulu and Netflix (her favorites at the moment are Station 19 and Glee (again)).
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