A Letter to Those Who Aren't Listening

To Those Who Aren't Listening:

I'm writing today to those who are neglecting to do the tasks that our governor and health officials have asked us to do. I'm writing to those who are getting together with their friends, spending time in public places, and traveling out of state. I'm writing to those who still don't believe this is a big deal. 

What needs to be done to get you to pay attention? Are the thousands of people getting sick not enough? Are the stores and restaurants being shut down not alarming to you? How about the daily press conferences and constant news coverage? Especially in Kentucky, our government has made it clear that we need to practice social distancing and stay inside, yet so many people do not listen. Young people, my age, who believe this does not apply to them. When will it apply to you? When your grandparent gets sick? When your cousin's restaurant goes temporarily out of business? When your neighbor's infant son dies because of his vulnerable immune system? 

Even if this virus has not yet personally impacted you, you should react as if it has. Neglecting to act is simply selfish and detrimental to the health of your neighborhood, your state, or your country. The state of Kentucky has basically shut down causing thousands of people to lose their jobs or source of income. Hundreds are sick, and they are dying, but yet our youth goes to spring break in Florida. They have "Corona" parties. They selfishly put their wants in front of everyone else's needs. 

But it's not only the teenagers and college students that are not listening. It's the middle-aged Facebook lovers who follow the wrong people and only hear the fake news. In fact, most of those who don't listen are the ones receiving false information from Facebook.

My advice to all of these people is to take this seriously. Do your research if you don't believe it's a big deal. Stay in your house away from others. Don't travel at all, much less out of state. Only go out for necessities. Stop being selfish.

This is a difficult time for all of us. From the doctors and nurses in the hospitals to the students suddenly living back at home. The reason you may not be listening is because you are denying the fact that our whole world has turned upside down. You must begin to understand what is happening and come to terms with the change that is happening. Take time to reflect. You can still hang out with your friends via Facetime. There are so many practical ways to make use of this time. Start to tune in to our Governor speak each day. Spend time outside with your family. 

Start to listen and stay healthy at home.