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Although 2020 news seemed to be a never-ending cloud of negativity, there were a few glimmers of light throughout the treacherous year. One of these bright points will go down in the Women’s History books. 

Kim Ng grew up in New Jersey where she was introduced to the world of sports. At an early age, she played stickball on the streets with her neighbor friends, and then she took up tennis and softball in her high school years. She attended the University of Chicago where she earned a bachelor’s degree in public policy. Ng played softball all four years of her college career, and she was even named MVP infielder. 

After graduating, Ng earned an internship with the Chicago White Sox, where she was later hired on full time. Since then, Ng has worked in baseball. She worked for the American League where she approved all transactions as the Director of Waivers and Records. She went on to for the New York Yankees as the assistant general manager before accepting the position of vice president and assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2001. 

Ng proved to be an asset in the world of Major League Baseball with each job she took on. Her diligence and knowledge of the game allowed her to excel in ways women never had in the baseball world. But Ng was not satisfied. She interviewed time after time for a general manager position between the years of 2005 and 2011. Eventually, she gave up and took a position as Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball. 

Ng’s dream finally came true on November 13, 2020, when the Miami Marlins hired her as their general manager. With the acceptance of this role, Ng became the first woman to be a general manager of a North American male sports team, as well as the first female Asian-American manager in Major League Baseball History.

Julia Cwiklowski

Murray State '21

Julia Cwiklowski is a senior studying Advertising and Marketing at Murray State University. When she isn't studying, you can find her working out, listening to podcasts, or curled up with a good book. Julia loves to cook, go on hikes and hang with her friends. After graduation, Julia hopes to work as a project manager at an advertising agency.
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