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How to Have the Perfect Fall Day

Ever since fall break, my classes have calmed down, and usually a few days out of the week I am able to have some free time which literally never happened before now. Let me tell you, it is blissful when I do chill days right. I want to use my chill days wisely while I have them. When I just stay in bed all day, that is fun for a while, but I feel so unaccomplished afterwards. Now it is perfect, crisp weather outside, the leaves are beautifully and brightly changing, and those warm, sweet pumpkin spice lattes are calling my name. Here is my game plan for you to have the perfect fall day and for me to motivate myself when those lazy days in bed are tempting.

Morning Workout

Photo courtesy of Matthew Feeney

My idea of a perfect fall day is one that involves me working out. This does not happen on the regular for me, although I’ve been stepping up my game lately. So first, let’s start off with a workout. One of my favorite ways to workout in the fall is to run outside. There are so many beautiful trees with colorful yellow and orange leaves that you get easily distracted from the throbbing pain in your calves and how heavy you are breathing! You can also throw on a chill fall playlist or create one of your own. You don’t have to run any certain distance, or you don’t even have to run at all. A fall morning walk sounds just as good to me. Another fun thing that I like to do when I walk is to look at all of the houses. Usually there are pumpkins, mums, and maybe even some spooky Halloween decorations out front. I always pretend like I’m on HGTV, and I critique the houses and figure out how I would renovate them! Maybe that’s just a me thing…

Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of Tyler Nix

Another fun thing to do in fall is go to a coffee shop. One of my teachers (who I have for two of my classes) canceled classes last week, so I went to a coffee shop with my to-do list in hand, sat, sipped on my double shot, and got on that grind. This was such a peaceful way to get out of my dorm room and relax while still being productive. The atmosphere of a nice coffee shop can’t be beat on a chilly fall day. I love to listen to the sounds of the milk frother hissing, some hipster music playing, and the “small-town” conversations with the barista and the regular customers.

Eat or Bake Fall Food

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez

The next step to achieving your perfect fall day is to eat something pumpkin or fall related. Some of my favorite things are Boo Berry cereal, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin bread. They just put me in the fall spirit. Maybe you like pumpkin donuts! There are plenty of places around town to get your fall food fix. You just have to get out of your room and find them. Or better yet, you can make them yourself! I love baking with my roommates, but that has been a rarity this semester. Hopefully we can pick it back up again!

Photo Shoot

A quick fall photo shoot never hurt anyone, right? Grab your besties or your bae and find some fall-colored foliage to pose in front of. Or you can take some pictures in previously mentioned coffee shop if your Insta feed features more of those cozy, artsy vibes. I have also recently started taking random pictures just to have, not to post or anything. Just take a photo of something that encompasses your good day for memory’s sake. I would definitely recommend picking this up.

Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

Or take some photos at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Find your perfect pumpkin or pick some juicy apples. Going to the pumpkin patch with my family is one of my absolute favorite fall traditions, and I have always wanted to go apple picking. You can invite your friends, sorority sisters, or family to go on a fun fall adventure outdoors! And then you can bake something with your apples (like a pie or muffins) or roast your pumpkin seeds with salt or cinnamon sugar for an afternoon snack.

Movie Night

Photo courtesy of Gades Photography

Now, I know I said that a day in bed watching movies is what we’re trying to avoid here, but one movie at night before I go to bed sounds pretty perfect to me. The best way to close out my perfect fall day is to snuggle in my bed with a mug of hot tea and watch a non-scary Halloween movie (Girl vs. Monster is always a go-to!). Plugging in my lights and maybe lighting a fall candle top off this dreamy fall atmosphere. I’m getting tired just typing this!


I only have one class and an appointment tomorrow, so I think I’m going to follow my own advice and have a perfect fall day. But really, no matter what you do, as long as you’re out-and-about not cooped up in your room, you’re doing fall right. Also, can we just take a moment for how many times I’ve said fall in this article? Because I’m pretty sure it has been a lot! Anyways, I hope this ~season featuring leaves dropping from trees and cold air and Halloween~ treats you well!


Sarah is a senior Dietetics major. She loves to be involved and keep busy, so you will probably see her drinking an iced coffee. She also enjoys binging HGTv and Food Network.
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