How to Have a Fantastic Fall in Murray

 Whether this is your first fall in Murray or your 20th, this is the year to dive right into the season. I am so tired of the 90-degree heat in September! Now that it is finally cooling down I am pumped about all the fall activities I have been thinking about for months. And because I am a nice person, I am going to share all of my fall activities with you so that you can have a fantastic fall too.

1. Go to the Farmer's Market

This year my absolute favorite part about fall is the farmers market. When I am back home I love going to the farmer's market with my mom and my sister. When I found out about Murray's farmer's market I knew I had to go. I like waking up early on Saturdays, I'm weird I know. One of the best ways to spend a crisp Saturday morning is outside in the sun. The vendors here in Murray are great! If you're really looking to get in the fall mood than pick up some pumpkins next Saturday. They also have fresh fruits, veggies, baked goods, and homemade crafts.

2. Go to Land Between the Lakes

What better way to spend fall than a scenic hike through the trees. Land Between the Lakes is a great place to immerse yourself in nature. LBL has tons of trails for all sorts of hikes. You can take a short trail or a day-long trip. And if you're not a hiker, LBL also has some scenic driving routes and an indoor planetarium. I personally love seeing the planetarium shows. To view their schedule of activities or find trails go to their website.

3. Go Thrift Shopping

I love thrift shopping! And I always find the best items in the fall. It's the season of flannels and sweaters everyone! We are all broke college students and when it's cold outside all I want to do is layer up in all my coziest clothing. I have a perfect pullover that I found a few years ago that is my chilly weather go-to. You never know what you'll find hiding in the racks of Goodwill or Angel's Attic. 

4. See a Movie With Friends

I am a movie person and this fall there are so many opportunities to watch movies here in Murray.  Cinema International is a great place to see new films! Even if you aren't studying a language, it's really neat to watch movies in different languages from different cultures. You can find the schedule outside the Curris Center theatre or online. Cheri theater is also showing tons of great movies this fall, including some Halloween films. The third place to see movies this fall is at Downtown Movies on the Square. In fact, coming up they are doing a double feature Halloween night! I can't wait!

5. Homecoming

One of the best parts about fall is Homecoming at Murray State. The whole community gets so excited and the whole weekend just feels so great. Last year my friends and I got breakfast, watched the parade, carved pumpkins, went to tent city and the game. It was such a fun day! I highly recommend going to the parade to see any of your friends who are walking in it. Tent city is also a blast, just make sure to bring money for food! 


I can just tell that this season is going to be spectacular. Happy fall y'all!