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How to Enjoy Working Out, Even If You Hate It

There are so many reasons (or excuses) you don’t make it to the gym even if you would like to. Maybe you’re busy, or shy, or your gym is simply too far away. 

But some people really enjoy getting to the gym but it is definitely not me and not you if you are reading these words. I cannot guarantee that using my tips you will end up being this person who loves working out but the gym can stop being a dreaded location for you. Finding little tips how to simultaneously make that workout time easier and not to hate my life at the gym made a big difference for me. Try it!

Go to the gym with your friend

It motivates me in two ways. First, working out with your buddy is just fun time spending, so the gym probably won’t look so miserable. Second, you can take advantage of the primitive and natural sense of competition in us all. Maybe your friend runs a mile faster than you and you might want to strive to catch up with them. Isn’t it a great motivation?

Group Motivation

If you struggle with motivating yourself, or working out with your friend is not enough, you can sign up for group work out like yoga, pilates or aerobics. It helps when you see that you are not alone in this enjoyable workout.

Listen To Music

Truth be told, your time at the gym can get monotonous and boring but I have great news for you. Pick the best songs and make your own ideal workout mix. Running on the track or cycling can be much less insufferable than it is without music. Energetic music can also improve your mood and increase physical capacity.

Create A Plan

Having a workout written out or a plan in mind of what you’d like to accomplish will reduce stress and help you to structure your training. Take some time before you go to the gym and plan what you want to work on.

Set specific goals

Psychologically, we all need to have that feeling we are going somewhere with our workout. Completing a goal can also feel good, and that pleasure might motivate you to keep at it at the gym. Don’t forget to encourage yourself for accomplishing!

Wear An Outfit You Like

A pair of my favorite sneakers and t-shirt helps me feel more relaxed about going to the gym. Although many brands can be quite expensive for college students, there are many affordable lines that have cute activity clothes. Find that works best for you!

Last Tip: The more you get to the gym, the more you can find your own hacks that will help to love the gym a little bit more with every workout!


Anna Markina

Murray State '21

Anna is a cheerful Russian girl who changed cold home country to the American South for one happy year as an exchange student. She is a sophomore marketing major, and her free time is full of fun, watching tv series and homework. You can ask her about common stereotypes about Russia as well.
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