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Here’s Your Reminder that Queer Eye Comes Back on March 15th and I AM STOKED

The highly anticipated third season of Queer Eye will be on Netflix on March 15th and I am so ready. 

Queer Eye is based off the early 2000s show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” It follows five gay men who make over a client, transforming them from the inside out within a week. Bobby Berk handles interior design on the show, Karamo Brown is the show’s culture expert, Tan France is the stylist, Jonathan VanNess is the grooming expert, and Antoni Porowski handles food and wine. The first two seasons were shot in Georgia and featured people from all walks of life, including a Trump-supporting police officer, a woman, and a trans man, so hopefully, the third season continues its focus on diverse clientele.  

In the third season, the Fab Five will travel to Kansas City, Missouri for more heartwarming makeovers. 

Lauren is a junior studying History and Education at Murray State. She enjoys reading, spends an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, and takes long naps as often as she can. She loves the oxford comma, going to concerts, and watching Try Guys videos to avoid doing homework. You can find her on Instagram (@laurenedminster) and Twitter (also @laurenedminster).
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