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Here Are Your Summer 2018 Essentials

Well, we made it through another semester! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying to remember what paper you forgot to submit and what final you accidentally slept through. It happens. We stress about nothing. College, man. But it’s over! You’re free! Pack up your dorm and hit the road––you deserve it! 

WAIT! Don’t hit the road quite yet, read this first because we’ve got some staple items you’ll want to have with you this summer! 

First up, we’ve got something to control your hair. Finals are stressful… and it’s very possible that your hair hasn’t felt shampoo in a few days. But don’t worry! It’s nothing a little spritz of Bed Head by TGI’s Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo and Bed Head’s Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray can’t fix! I absolutely LOVE this little bottle of pure magic. I carry it with me everywhere now. It’s so easy to use, just a few spritzes and your hair will soft and effortlessly light. Oh, wait. You’re already at the beach? No problem! Bed Head also has a Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist that is to die for. Seriously. You know what, it’s probably best to make sure you have all three of these on standby at all times. Especially this summer though––humidity and heat are not nice to our hair, but these products certainly are! Ok, so the hair is taken care of. But what about the face? Freeman Beauty has got you covered! Literally. Their face masks are amazing, but my two favorites have to be the Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask and the Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Clay Mask! (I promise, it doesn’t hurt too badly to get off…) The thing I love most about Freeman’s products are the ingredients; they use fresh botanical ingredients to make products that feel good and do good for you skin! Plus, these particular masks work on all skin types! It’s a win-win! 

Another necessity this summer is Buxom’s Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish. My favorite color is “Dolly,” which is a nice neutral for the summer. Wait, did I say PLUMPING lip polish? Yes, I did! Here’s how it works: the ingredients in this lip polish helps to stimulate collagen, which in turn builds up volume and plumps up your lips! I’m not joking. I didn’t believe it at first, either. But it actually works. And there’s no irritation along the way! The best part? Buxom is offering students 20% off your entire purchase now through May 31st with code “HERCAMPUS” at checkout! 

Hair? Check. Face? Double check. Legs? Armpits? Eyebrows? Hmmmm… you’re in luck! Skintimate’s® new 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner is perfect for those lazy shavers (I see you out there, don’t lie) like me! We don’t have time to waste on shaving in the shower. Nope. Not going to work. It’s cutting into your pool time. That’s why I’m relying on this shave cream and skin conditioner this year. It takes dry shaving to a whole new *heavenly* level––no more cuts or dried out skin for you,  just rub the excess conditioner in after! It’s that easy. And of course, we need to talk about razors. Duh. Schick has us covered this summer, you guys. With the Silk Touch-Up Razor, your eyebrows will be looking their best everyday. (Remember, sisters not twins.) I’m basically helpless when it comes to my eyebrows, but even I can use this to do a quick fix. 10/10 on these. For real. Also from Shick, we’ve got the Quattro You razors. Offering a closer shave with fewer cuts, you can even skip the shaving routine for a few days! Who doesn’t love the sounds of that? 

The last thing you’ll want to make sure to have handy this summer is Krazy Glue. Yes. I’m not kidding. This stuff is so handy, it’s insane. Or… KRAZY. Broken sandal? Krazy glue it. Broken purse strap? Krazy glue. Is your little brother talking too much? Krazy––no don’t do that. But, seriously, this stuff is so convenient and easy to use, I always have some with me. Each of these little single tubes has enough glue for one fast fix, so I recommend carrying a few! You never know when you’ll need to bust out your inner repair man!  

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Jordyn Rowland

Murray State '19

Jordyn is a public relations major and film studies minor at Murray State University, where she has been for three years as an undergraduate student. She is an avid watcher of anything created by Shonda Rhimes, but her favorite is by far Grey's Anatomy. She enjoys traveling... a lot. Her favorite places so far are Los Angeles and Berlin. She really loves her dog and would adopt 50 more if she wasn't allergic. Jordyn's plans include running her own TV show and trying every drink on the menu (including the hidden one!) from Starbucks. 
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