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National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day is coming up on April 2nd, and I have the perfect recipe for you to celebrate!

Grilled PB&J.

Yep, you read it right. Think grilled cheese, but instead of a slice of cheese between two slices of toasted bread there is melty peanut butter and warm jelly. If I had to describe it in one word it would be: HEAVENLY. 

When I was little, my mom would make me this tasty sandwich as a treat for us to share when one of us had a bad day. We would sit together in silence, split the sandwich in half and let the grilled PB&J work its magic. Now, this treat is my go-to comfort food. No matter if I am having the best day of my life or the absolute worst, this is the meal I crave! 

Like I mentioned before, this sandwich holds a little bit of magic. I made it for my friends ONCE as a late night snack, and now I am coerced into making it nearly every time we are together. Whether we are up late talking or just getting back from a night out, this is the midnight meal they always ask for. Although sometimes I complain, I truly enjoy making it for them. I love that I can share the comfort the sandwich brings. 

Here’s how you make it: 

Heat a pan on medium low. Cut a slice of butter and put it in the pan to melt down while you construct your sandwich. Make your PB&J to the ratio you prefer (I usually go with a thin layer of peanut butter on each piece of bread and a big dollop of grape jelly in the middle). Smush your pieces of bread together and lay the sandwich in the warm pan. Let the bread crisp up about 2 minutes before flipping the sandwich over. Once the bread is brown on each side, take the sandwich out of the pan and slice it in fourths. 

Feel free to put your own little spin on it. Honey and banana slices are great additions. I usually eat mine with a nice tall glass of cold milk with a side of fruit. 


Julia Cwiklowski

Murray State '21

Julia Cwiklowski is a senior studying Advertising and Marketing at Murray State University. When she isn't studying, you can find her working out, listening to podcasts, or curled up with a good book. Julia loves to cook, go on hikes and hang with her friends. After graduation, Julia hopes to work as a project manager at an advertising agency.
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