GloZell Didn't Go Anywhere

You know how you randomly remember something from the past? And you’re just like wow, that came out of nowhere. Well, that happened to me recently. The other day my friend and I were talking about how people always do crazy challenges, which of course brought up the Cinnamon Challenge and then naturally GloZell. Just in case this isn’t sparking a memory, GloZell did a YouTube video on this challenge that went viral.

Not to toot my own horn, but eight-year-old me was obbsessed with GloZell before she did this challenge. I watched every single one of her videos for hours on end on my family's ancient computer. She did all sort of challenges and random hilarious things. She also read off famous lyrics and joked around with them. Might I say, she was the YouTuber before that was even a thing. GloZell's entire channel became popular and paved the way for what YouTubers are today.

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What started with me taking a blast to the past and showing my friend all the videos that I used to watch turned into research. I think I might have fallen off the planet for a little bit because it turns out that GloZell is still very much present and thriving. She still has a viral YouTube channel, so my childhood heart is screaming in excitement. But my grown self is also fangirling because I come to find out that GloZell has made it. Her unique and bubbly character that scored her millions of viewers also scored her an interview with none other than President Barack Obama.

I still remember her catchphrases: “Is you okay? Is you? Good cause I need to know” and “Over and out” accompanied with a wink and kiss. Now, I am learning that her famous green lips and catchprases caught the attention of Obama and a place on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Okay, yes, this was back in 2016. I just had this drive down memory lane, but I am catching up now! She is also an author, the title of the book derving from her catchprase. I am definitely adding Is You Okay? to my summer reading list. She also has been a voice for the movie Trolls.

I’m also really glad that GloZell was the person I fell in love with as a kid. First, I can thank her for shaping my impeccable sense of humor. But more importantly, this woman is unapologetically herself, which is a great lesson for anybody. I've been reading more about her now that I am back on Earth. Her story is really great. She's been through a lot and has stayed true to herself.