Friendsgiving For Beginners

Friendsgiving is a wonderful tradition that you should definitely partake in. If you have never been a host for a holiday dinner before, it can seem kind of scary. There is so much planning, so many people, so much food to be accounted for, but you can do it. As the hostess, you get to decide what you are making and delegate the rest of the dishes to your guests. Don't fret! It will be easy and your friends will be more than willing to help. Your best friends are a huge part of your life, so why not have them involved with one of the biggest, and yummiest, times of the year. 

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As the host, you need to start planning early. Start a group chat with your friends and find the day that works best for everyone. If you can, try to plan for the weekend after Thanksgiving. This makes cooking so much easier. Whatever you make for your original Thanksgiving dinner, you can just double. If you have leftovers from your first Thanksgiving dinner, you can make them into new dishes. This saves everyone time because they aren't making multiple different dishes, just doubling recipes they are already cooking. 

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Friendsgiving is just a huge potluck. You can delegate everyone to have a specific dish. As the hostess, you should be in charge of the turkey and gravy, that way it does not have to be transported across town. You should have multiple side dishes: rolls, green bean casserole, stuffing, brussell sprouts, cranberry sauce and yams. These are just a few of the basics side dishes, but let everyone express themselves through their dish. Don't forget about desserts! You will want a variety of pies so everyone can have one they like. You will want to have someone make a few appetizers or snacks, in case dinner takes longer than expected. 

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Remember that you will also needs drinks, alcohol, utensils and serving utensils. Depending on your friends, you could do a BYOB or have someone in charge of making a fun cocktail. For those who don't drink alcohol, have some soda or sparkling water. If someone is really struggling with a dish to bring, have them bring napkins, ice or drinks because you can never have too much. 

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Decorate the table, bring out your finest china and get ready to feast! Don't stress about dinner too much. Your friends are there to help. Your table with be full of friends with stomachs full of food and your Friendsgiving will be a success.