Fitnessgrams You Need to Follow to Keep You Motivated

Fitness has become such a large part of my life and with that comes social media! If you are a gym junkie, like myself, you know that Instagram is one of the best places to go to find new workouts. I have a separate Instagram, a Fitnessgram as I like to call it, that is solely for workouts, motivation and healthy meals.  The women below are my favorite: 

Photo courtesy of Whitney Simmons ​

Whitney Simmons is a widely known fitness influencer. She is all over Instagram and Youtube, with over 2.4 million followers. If you don't know who she is, then you need to check her out now. I really like to follow her HIIT workouts. She always finds a way to make them fun but you will burn so many calories. Whitney is also a Gymshark ambassador so you will find the newest Gymshark arrivals and get awesome discount codes when following her. 

Photo courtesy of Fiona Simpson

Fiona Simpson is one of the cutest fitnessgrammers I have seen. She keeps it real on her Instagram. When she is having a bad day or low motivation, she lets us know, but then shows how she got herself motivated to go to the gym. It is so nice to see when other people struggle because it makes them more human. Everyone has their off days, and she ensures that it is nothing less than normal. Her ab workouts are the best and your stomach will be burning when you leave the gym.  

Photo courtesy of Karine Elle 

Karine Elle has the most intense workouts and you will leave the gym dead after her workouts. She is a Gymshark athlete and has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her weightlifting videos are my favorite. She proves that you can be a woman, weightlift and not be super buff. Karine breaks all of those stereotypes. She is also super fun and outgoing so her videos are far from boring. 

Photo courtesy of Hanna Oberg​

Hanna Oberg's arm workouts give me life. It can be so hard to find new workouts for your arms, chest, back and shoulders but every one of her videos is so different. Hanna leaves descriptions in each video about what you need to specifically need to do, and what you should be careful of not doing. Not a lot of Fitnessgrammers will show you what not to do, so it is very helpful, especially when learning a new workout. 

Photo courtesy Ashleigh Jordan

Ashleigh Jordan is the best people to follow if you are trying to grow your glutes! She has a new booty workout almost every week and I live for those videos. Ashleigh has her own gym clothing brand, NVGTN, and it looks so good. If you are looking for high wasited leggings and nice crop tops, you should definitely check her out. 

Photo courtesy of Kathryn and Kendra

Kathryn and Kendra are two identical twins who share a fitness account. They have created their own workout program and it is linked on their Instagram page. This workout program will have you feeling great! The leg workouts on their page will have your thighs burning.