Everything You Need for a Girl's Night In

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Movies, popcorn, pajamas, and some of your best friends. Does anything sound better than that? I don't know about you, but I'm always down for a girl's night in. I mean, going out is nice, but pajamas are nicer. Whether you're hosting 15 girls or three, you're bound to have a good time. Spending nights in with friends is always a welcomed break from the otherwise stress-inducing college atmosphere. You've already got the snacks and the movies, (Anne Hathaway is my favorite) now all you need is a few more things to transform your dorm room to the ultimate getaway... even if it's just for a night. 

What screams girl's night louder than spa treatment? Anything? I didn't think so. Face masks are such a huge trend right now and you should probably jump on that bandwagon. Not only will they work wonders for your skin, they make for great instagram posts of you and your girl gang! Make sure to check out these awesome masks from Freeman Beauty, I recommend the charcoal black sugar mask! Freeman Beauty's face masks are great not only because of the many, many options, but they also use only natural ingredients. Who wants gross chemicals that nobody can pronounce all over your face? Not me!

Now that your face is fresh and glowing, you'll need the hair to match. Try out some of Bed Head's new products, including the craze right now: dry shampoo. Everyone loves it. College girls depend on it. And while you're pampering yourself, especially now that it's getting colder and your summer tan is leaving, try out L'Oréal Paris' popular bronzing towelettes for a subtle glow! Once this portion of the evening is over, you'll feel more pampered than ever before... which leaves us with the next part: the snacking. 

Everyone knows it's impossible to watch a movie without something to sip on and munch on. The newest craze? Spindrift. It's sparkling water made with real, freshly squeezed fruit. And coming from someone who has had almost every flavor? You can't go wrong with serving these at your girl's night in party. But you'll need something else to go with the drinks, right? (Over 21? Spritzer. You're welcome.) You can never go wrong with popcorn but a little candy never hurt anyone either. Chocolate is expected, but HI-CHEW... oh, HI-CHEW. It's like the perfect mix between a Starburst and Laffy Taffy. 10/10 recommend stocking up on these. 

Unfortunately, a relaxing night in won't last forever. Our Her Campus team swears by these products for those relaxation-inducing girl's nights but there are some other things we'd suggest for you to add to your daily routine. First up? A steripod. It may sound silly, but keeping your toothbrush clean and protected from gross dorm room germs? Actually very important. Also important? Staying organized. If you've somehow managed to survive this far into the semester without a planner, I'd suggest getting one before finals week... and it's coming fast! These Erin Condren planners are the perfect solution! They're cute, they're small, and there's enough space for assignments, meetings, and all your daydreaming doodle masterpieces. And finally, stay fashion forward with Aéropostale's runway ready denim collection. Trust me, you'll wonder why you ever bought jeans anywhere else! 

Now it's time to get that shopping list ready! Hit up these websites and have everything delivered right to you (the best way to shop is from bed, right?) and you'll be ready to slay the rest of your semester and throw the best girl's night in party. Trust us, we know.