Entertainment Weekly Just Released Six Covers Featuring the Stars of 'Grey's Anatomy' Leading up to the Season 15 Premier

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly announced the release of six (yes, SIX!) new covers featuring the faces of Grey's Anatomy. 

With the 15th season set to premiere on September 27, Grey's is now ABC's longest-running drama and is tied with ER for the longest running hospital drama on television. 

"I'm incredibly proud of the show and I still every day pinch myself that we even got on the air, [that] people watch and people care as much as they do,” show creator Shonda Rhimes told EW. “Everything about this show has been a miracle to me. I love it.” 

Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, also had some things to say about this monumental achievement. “I still am fighting every day for the quality of the show to be good and for the actors to be happy," she said. "I still care very much about the show."

Showrunner Krista Vernoff has teased this season as "the season of love" for the docs at Grey Sloan Memorial. Jo and Alex are on their honeymoon, Meredith makes a surprising (dream?) hookup and Jackson and Maggie take their relationship to the next step. (Watch the trailer here!) You don't want to miss a second! Season 15 premiers on ABC at 8:00 P.M. EST on Thursday, September 27. 

Starting today, EW will be taking us down memory lane on social media. Check out the hashtag #7DaysOfGreys on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop!

Check out the six covers below!  All photos courtesy of James White for Entertainment Weekly