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Enneagram and You & The Enneagram Shop Christmas List

It’s officially December! Which means many great things like winter break, peppermint mochas, and holiday sales. Though it also comes with the dreaded task of Christmas shopping for family members and friends. Lucky, I’ve teamed up with The Enneagram Shop to help you narrow down your dreaded list with gifts specifically for each enneagram type! Without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Enneagram Type One

If you’ve got a Type One in your life, you already know their love for practical gifts. Things that will help them complete their tasks, and perfect the ones they’ve already started.

1. A subscription box to Public Goods

 Public Goods is a brand that delivers essentials across several categories, united by a set of values. They believe the products you use every day should be healthy, sustainable and easy to access. Public Goods delivers well-designed, eco-friendly essentials directly to you!


2. The Simplified Planner

Simplified Planners come in a range of designs, and one is destined to fit your type one friend!


3. A Floral Print from The Enneagram Shop

New to 2019, The Enneagram Shop released a Type One print just in time for the holidays! A perfect minimalistic gift for your productive Type Ones out there. Frame this picture-perfect print and spread some cheer.


4. A Desk Organizer from Target

We know our organized Type Ones out there will love this organizer!


5. A Quality Kitchen Knife from Pampered Chef

Look, I know what you’re thinking. A knife?  Really? But I’m here to tell you…really. Everyone needs at least one quality cooking knife in their life, and with Type Ones loving to perfect everything – this is the perfect addition to their kitchen utensils.


6. Reusable Silicone Bags from Stasher Bag

    The plastic-free reusable storage bag you can cook in, freeze it and store it. It’s environmentally friendly and useful for everyday life. 

Enneagram Type Two​

Since Two’s tend to forget about themselves due to their love of purchasing gifts for others, check out these gifts that will bring joy to the Two in your life.

1. A Fun ‘Don’t Worry’ Mug from The Enneagram Shop

I cannot express how much I LOVE this mug and can’t wait to grab a few for my Type Two friends out there. Everyone loves a hug in a mug. Throw in a few brands of tea with this mug, and you’re good to go!


2. A House Plant Subscription Box

This is also a favorite gift of mine, mainly because I love plants. This is a neat subscription with different levels and prices available. Each month they’ll receive a new plant, which gives our loveable Type Twos something to take care of!


3. A Photobook from Artifact Uprising

A photobook is a perfect gift for Type Twos! My friend is a Type Two, and she LOVES reminiscing through photographs. If you took a trip together, print the photographs off into a book and gift it to them, they will cherish this gift forever, no doubt.


4. A Photo Ledge from Artifact Uprising

This gift will help the Twos in your life show off their favorite memories with you and the others in their life. It’d be a perfect gift to combine with the photo book!


5. A Bracelet from MudLOVE

MudLOVE is a company that sells bracelets to help fund the support of clean water.


6. A Subscription to CauseBox

CauseBox is a subscription delivered four times a year full of ethically made products!


Enneagram Type Three​

Every Three craves things to help them succeed in their many ideas, but also give them the luxury of self-care. Everyone enjoys a bit of the finer things in life, right?


1. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Fellow Type Three here and my coffee maker IS my best friend. I tackle a lot in a day, therefore I rely heavily on caffeine to get me through the day. Grab the Three in your life one of these bad boys off of Amazon.


2. Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

This book will help a Three figure out which of their thousands of passions to follow. They also have a podcast! Check them out, @theownitacadamy


3. A Cozy Sweatshirt from The Enneagram Shop

This cute minimal sweatshirt is perfect, especially for the chilly weather. For the late nights filled with world-conquering plans or Netflix binges, they will love this piece.


4. A Birchbox Subscription

New products are always fun, especially when they’re all about treating yourself! Threes will be able to try out new products and find their favorite.


5. An Apple Watch or a Fitbit

One of these watches is perfect for threes. Apple watches, as well as Fitbits, come with goal tracking and reminders to hit them.


6. A Water Bottle from This Is My Caus

As much coffee that Threes take in, they do need some actual hydration in their busy lives. Get them a water bottle that supports their favorite cause!


Enneagram Type Four​

Fours love tools to help them stay creative and original. Check out these rad ideas!

1. A Tea Subscription from Sibsby

A monthly subscription that brings teas from all around the world to your Type Four’s door!


2. A Print from The Enneagram Shop

Grab this clean minimal print! Fours love art.


3. A Polaroid Camera

There are plenty of things you can create with a snap from a polaroid camera. Help the Four in your life not only create art but also create memories.


4. A Candle from Bridge Water Candles

Not only will this candle help make their space smell great, but Bridge Water Candles also help provide three meals per one candle purchased. How awesome is that?


5. A Record Player

Every creative soul needs music to jam to! Grab one a record player to help them stay in the creative mood.


6. A Cookbook from Love&Lemons

While the Fours in your life are jamming out to their new records, they can learn to become more creative with cooking!


Enneagram Type Five

Fives love things that help them in their research to gain more knowledge about everything. Plus we like to keep things minimal around here. 

1. A Subscription to Audible

With their love for learning, this is the perfect gift.


2. Dot Matrix Journal

Grab this cute one from Amazon today! This will be a perfect tool for fives to jot all their inventions and ideas down in.


3. Bar Necklace

This adorable, minimalistic styled necklace has words that describe a Five perfectly. Not only that, but each purchase helps fund anti-human trafficking initiatives through the Starfish Project and Dress Ember.


4. Noise Cancelling Headphones from Dr.Dre

These headphones will help create a creative environment for the Type Fives in our lives. Not only that, but these headphones will pair perfectly with their Audible subscription.


5. Enneagram Five Beanie

First off, I should say that I am OBSESSED with the enneagram beanie series. They’re minimal and help fight the bad hair days away. Win-Win!


6. Wireless Charger

A sleek way to keep their phone charged. You can grab this one at Target!


Enneagram Type Six

Six’s are constantly thinking, why not give them a few things to help them get their thoughts out? Everyone deserves to enjoy life with a good book or a hike. 

1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

This is a wonderful read, especially for Sixes!


2. ‘Don’t Worry’ Shirt from The Enneagram Shop

Another brilliant design from The Enneagram Shop. The Sixes in our lives always seem to worry about or think about something before we have. This funny design is perfect for them.


3. The Nomadik Subscription Box

A monthly themed adventure box to prepare them for their next outdoor adventure. How neat!


4. A ‘My Enneagram’ Journal

Sixes love to write out their feelings or thoughts. This journal from our friends over at Xo, Enneagram have this little gem available for purchase. Each journal comes with 100 prompts!


5. Weighted Blanket

Everyone loves a little bit of security. Grab your Sixes a weighted blanket from Amazon to make those cozy days even cozier.


6. The Psalms Project

Life can be overwhelming. When the anxiety-filled days are too much, this book of psalms along with beautiful art inside is sure to soothe the worried soul.


Enneagram Type Seven


Seven’s love to travel to see friends or new adventures! Along with that, Seven’s like to bring the party with them. These ideas are perfect for our fellow Sevens! 

1. A Portable Speaker

Everyone needs a little music. A portable speaker will help you out with that! Bring on the adventures and gatherings with this bad boy.


2. The Bag for The Forgetful One

Sevens are known for accidentally sitting things down and leaving it. With this cute bag, it won’t be a problem anymore! Grab yours from Live fashionable.


3. Duffle Bag from Known Supply

This functional and fashionable duffle bag not only helps you out on trips, but it also helps highlight and celebrate the makers of it.


4. A print from All Good Things Collective

Such a Seven thing to say! Help the Seven in your life spice up their decorations with this.


5. ‘Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Fine’ Shirt from The Enneagram Shop

I love this shirt! It’s a clean design with something every Seven says once a day.


6. A Wild Sam Guide

Grab a copy of the next adventure you’ve planned with a Seven. Better yet, plan a surprise trip and gift them the city’s guide!


Enneagram Type Eight

Eight’s are incredibly motivated at work, as well as play. We’ve suggested a few things to help our friends out with both!

1. Subscription to 9Round Official

Eights are known to carry a lot of tension, help them blow off some steam with this subscription!


2. A Pair of Earring from 31 Bits

Not only are these earrings adorable, with the purchase of these earrings, but you’re also helping support other female entrepreneurs!  


3. Enneagram Eight Hat

This minimal design comes from The Enneagram Shop. With the busy schedule of an Eight, they can throw this cute hat on and get on with their day!


4. Eye Mask

Sometimes it’s hard for Eights to wind down after the long day. One of these from Ettitude Store will help your friend turn off and relax!


5. Leather Portfolio

Help them own the meeting and the entire room with this beautiful one from Glass Ladder. It has so many pockets, which helps in many ways!


6. A Coffee Subscription

This subscription puts you in control of what you get! You’ll be able to rate the coffee you receive to help tailor to your taste.


Enneagram Type Nine

Nine’s are the best at encouragement! They also enjoy having a cozy space to drink their choice of beverage. Help them achieve this with our gift suggestions! 

1. Compliment Cards

This 12 pack of compliment cards by Darling is SO cute! This would allow them to easily write encouraging notes to friends and family.


2. Floral Enneagram Shirt

A new design from The Enneagram Shop. This minimal shirt shows off how beautiful Nines truly are!


3. Wall Art from Darling

Grab this encouraging piece for the Nine in your life. It’s a wonderful way to show them how you see them.


4. Oil Diffuser

Snag this low key diffuser from Target to make their home or work environment cozier.


5. A Giving Keys Necklace

These necklaces from The Giving Keys not only help encourage those around them, but they are also meant to be passed from person to person and help create and give jobs to the homeless population in L.A


6. A Mug from MudLove

Grab a mug for the Nine in your life! They are beautiful ad have some wonderful phrases on them. Not only this but with your purchase you help support clean drinking water in areas that are struggling.


Holiday shopping is stressful, hopefully, we were able to ease some of those gifting jitters. I suggest checking in on some of our suggestions for special deals (wink wink). With that, I wish you all happy holidays and safe travels to your destinations this holiday season! 


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