Conspiracy: Disney's Frozen

Welcome to the Conspiracy series. 

This week we will dive into the conspiracy surrounding Walt Disney and the Frozen movie.

Walt Disney, the creator of The Walt Disney Company, passed away on December 15th, 1966. Walt died at age 65 due to complications during surgery for his lung cancer.  

In the year 1966, the concept of cryonics started to become more and more popular. Cryonics is the freezing of a human corpse or head in the hopes that they can be revived at a later time. Sort of like Captain America in the Marvel movies. Personally, I think this is creepy and a bit disturbing but when this phenomenon began many people were very interested. This was a way to essentially live forever and experience the future. 

Walt Disney was in his prime when he passed. Mary Poppins, The Sword in the Stone and One Hundred and One Dalmations had been released the previous years. Many of the other Disney classics had been released within the past ten years. Disneyland was up and running and Disney World was in the process of being created. 

Behind the Conspiracy

After Disney's passing rumors began that Walt had been cryopreserved. Several sources claimed that he had been interested in cryonics and considered going down that route when he passed. These statements fueled a giant conspiracy that Walt had actually been frozen despite his family saying he had been cremated. People even started saying that Disney's frozen body/head was stored under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. That makes a "spooky" ride even more spooky. People continued to talk about this conspiracy for a long time but it slowly dwindled out as the years went on. 


In 2013 Disney came out with Frozen, the highest-grossing Disney movie for 6 years replaced only by The Lion King. After this extremely popular movie came out, the rumor that Disney's body was frozen rose back to the surface. The new conspiracy that evolved was that Frozen was created to cover up the rumor that Walt was frozen. A little confusing, I know. People thought that creating this new movie would prevent any conspiracy search results when typing "Disney frozen" into google. This only lead them to think there was a reason to be hiding the conspiracy, meaning it must be true. But considering that the fact that the conspiracy had been dwindling, why would anyone need to cover it up? The plot has nothing to do with frozen bodies, but I guess I can see where the idea comes from. 


This conspiracy has no facts backing it up. Like none. Everything sparked from rumors besides the fact that Walt might have been interested in cryonics. Everyone who created the rumors came back to confess they were just rumors. Walt was cremated. His family has even spoken about this conspiracy claiming that it has affected their families and that it is 100% not true. Because the rumor that Walt was frozen wasn't true, that means that the movie was not a cover-up. While it may be interesting to think about Walt Disney coming back from the dead to make more magic, unfortunately, it can't be done. 

What Do I Think

I used to sorta believe in this conspiracy until I researched it more. The fact that there is no evidence proving that Disney was frozen just really makes it hard to believe. It is creative though, especially the part that the movie Frozen was created solely for the purpose of hiding the fact that Walt was frozen. That's stretching it a bit. Like whoever thought of that is very creative. Kudos for that.

Overall, I rate this conspiracy 2 stars out of 5. One point for creativity and one point because it involved Disney and I am a child. 

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Come back next week to conspire about the not so real moon landing...