Bailey Bohannan: A Senior's College Experience

If you haven't gotten to know Bailey Bohannan, you definitely should. And you only have a few months left to do it. Although this is only her third year on campus, Bailey is graduating in May, a full year early.

I met Bailey our freshman year, and I've been close with her ever since. She's done some pretty amazing things in her time at Murray State, and last week, I sat down with her to reflect on college before she begins her last semester here.

Although originally set on another college, Bailey committed to Murray State only 18 days before her high school graduation. I asked her why that last-minute decision, and she succinctly replied, "Because a billboard told me to." A week after seeing the momentous billboard, Bailey decided to visit Murray State, and the rest is history.

Although coming in as a journalism major, Bailey changed later to a Public Relations major with a journalism minor.

Since her time at Murray State, Bailey's been involved all over the place. She's had some embarrassing moments (like on her very first day when she showed up in the wrong classroom) and some moments that she's super proud of (like loving on her sorority sisters through the role of Ritual Chairman).

Bailey has been involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Student Government Association, Campus Outreach, and Public Relations Student Society of America. She also works for Murray State University helping with marketing and branding. She's held leadership positions like Ritual Chairman of ASA and Vice President of Administration for SGA.

Behind Bailey is a list of mentors who have influenced her in many ways, including ASA alumna Julia Curtis, who mentored her in her Christian faith; Professor Marcie Hinton, who pushed Bailey academically; and SGA President Tori Wood, who encouraged Bailey in pursuit of leadership opportunities.

With graduation coming up soon, Bailey's got the future on her mind. She plans on working in a city, either for a university or somehow with the foster care system, which is her passion. Her ultimate dream?

"I'd really like to start my own camp that can be for kids to come and hear the Gospel that centers on foster homes and group homes...I just want to provide long-term support and Gospel encouragement for those kids."

With a successful college experience almost behind her and a bright future ahead of her, Bailey says she has two pieces of advice for college-age women. First, "Don't let anybody tell you that your major isn't going to go places because if you have the drive, your major can get you there. No major is without a future." Second, she encourages you to enjoy your season of life and to "be living in the glory days every moment of your life, in the present."