5 Youtubers You Need To Subscribe To Today

Whenever I am on my phone or laptop, I always end up on Youtube. I get on with the intention of watching only one specific video, but we all know how that goes, you can't watch just one. How do you know who to watch though? The amount of channels are edless and you can watch anything from makeup tutorials to sports videos. 

Here is a list of my all time favorite YouTubers. These are my go-to women and men when I need something to watch on Youtube. I look forward to their new videos and I love being one of their subscribers. Don't forget to go to Youtube and check them out yourself!

Image courtesy of Julia Havens' Instagram

One of my favorite youtubers is Julia Havens. She is a lifestyle vlogger and films home tours, fashion hauls, makeup videos, life advice and so much more. I am obsessed with Julia! She is one of the realest vloggers I've ever seen on Youtube. She is genuinely excited to bring her fans wherever she goes. She lives in Texas but travels for work all the time and she is alwasy sure to vlog, no matter where she is. Julia is also very interactive with her audience. She is one of the few vloggers I've seen that responds to all comments and is interactive on other social media platforms as well. She often does segments featuring her boyfriend when they go on trips, holidays or do their  "Spritz and Chips" segment where they do Q&A's or give advice. It is refreshing to see her include her significant other so we can get both viewpoints on topics such as relationships, living together, etc. 

Image courtesy of Maggie MacDonald's Instagram

If you want to watch a college student, like ourselves, then check out Maggie MacDonald. She goes to school in Boston and loves to take her viewers with her to school, to workout and on her vacations. Maggie is an inspiration to me because she manages to do all of this while going to school. She is a reminder that it is possible to go to school, vlog, workout and most importantly, have fun and spend time with family. She is always so happy and reminding her audience to stay positive, no matter the situation. She is also an inpsiration for people in long distance relationships, as her boyfriend does not go to school with her. Maggie has vlogs where she explains how they communicate and make their relationship work from so far. 

Image courtesy of Christain Leblanc's Instagram

If you love travel, but don't think you have the funds to do so, watch Lost LeBlanc and he will change your mind. Christian shows how it is possible to travel, even outside of the country, with a small budget and still have the time of your life. He reminds his audience that you don't need to be wealthy in order to trave and enjoy yourself. You may get serious FOMO watching his videos, but it may be the push you need to buy that plane ticket! He either goes with his friends, or by himself, but even when he travels solo, he has the best time. The best thing about Christian is that he truly experiences the culture of wherever he goes. He will live how the poeple of the country live, eat what they eat and have a native as a tour guide so he can get the full experience. Christian always has the best life advice in his videos and he is always so positive. Since watching his videos, I have been more inspired to travel and experience other cultures. 

Image courtesy of Aylin Melisa's Instagram

Makeup videos are extremely popular and my favorite artist on Youtube is Aylin Melisa. What sets her apart from everyone else is that she does not speak in her videos. I know for some people, this is not ideal, but I really like that all I have to do is watch and listen to is the music in the background. While she does not speak, her videos are still very easy to follow. She takes her time and does everything step by step. Aylin also shows all of the products before she uses it so you know exactly what she is using. Her videos range from beginner to experienced, but she never fails to create the best make up look. Aylin also creates looks for certain occasions, so on your next date night, look up her "Date Glam" tutorial for the perfect makeup look. 

Image courtesy of Natacha Oceane's Instagram

Finding the best fitness Youtuber took a lot of time but Natacha Oceane is one of the best I have found. She tests out a lot of different workouts and diets to prove what is truly best for your body. Natacha keeps it real during her workouts. She isn't afraid to get sweaty in front of the camera and she shows her body for what it truly is. She films herself live and doesn't cut out the clips when she is struggling. When she wants to quit, she motivates herself to keep going, which a lot of us need when we work out. I have incorporated a lot of her workouts into my current workout routine and they have helped so much. Her workouts range from cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics and even balance training. She is very inspirational in all of her videos and her story will definitley keep you motivated to keep going!