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5 Spooky “My Favorite Murder” Episodes for Halloween

Every morning I start my day with a healthy dose of My Favorite Murder. Every morning I look forward to Karen and Georgia hilariously telling me the story of something gruesome. I get it, this podcast isn’t for everyone. Murder isn’t funny, but as Karen and Georgia say themselves, it’s their way of coping with the horrible things happening in the world. For some, their comedy is too crude or vulgar and their topics are too heinous. This is your friendly reminder that the cases they mention on the podcast aren’t fictional…they really happened. Calling them too crude, vulgar or heinous is, frankly, completely asinine. Anyway, getting off my high horse now.  Here are 5 spooky episodes of My Favorite Murder for Halloween! 


Episode 85: Live at the Boulder Theater

Karen and Georgia discuss John Agrue and Theodore Edward Coneys, the Spider-Man of Denver. 

This episode is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, mainly for the Spider-Man of Denver. Theodore Coneys (59) asked an old acquaintance, Philip Peters (73), if he could stay with him and his wife while he was trying to get back on his feet after so-called “tough times.” Peters denied him entry and that was fine until Coneys broke into the house while Peters and his wife were gone. Coneys found a trapdoor in a closet that led to small attic space and moved in without the Peters’ knowledge. Coneys lived undisturbed in the attic for five weeks…listen for more because I promise, it’s insane. 


Episode 137: “Gloogle”

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of BBC reporter Jill Dando and the Andrews Family Hauntings. 

I’m focusing on the Andrews Family Hauntings because…no thank you. While this is about the Andrews family, it’s more about Daniel LaPlante. LaPlante became friends with sisters Annie Andrews and Jessica Andrews and began conversing with them over the phone. He said he got their number from a friend at school and he was blonde, athletic and good-looking, and when he asked Annie out, she readily accepted. Only when Danny showed up…he was the exact opposite of who he said he was. Annie reluctantly went out with him out of politeness but made excuses to go home after an hour. Danny had a strange fascination with the death of Annie and Jessica’s mother, who recently died of cancer. As time passed, they forgot about Danny and performed a seance for their dead mother, expecting nothing to come of it. However, that night, while their father was still at work, they began to hear knocking from inside the walls throughout the house and were convinced it was haunted. Their father didn’t believe them…listen to hear more. 

This boy is genuinely terrifying!! We love rejected and obsessive boys in this house!


Episode 55: “Let’s Hear Your Podcast”

Karen and Georgia cover Christine and Lea Papin and Dr. Sam Sheppard.

Alright folks, settle in for the Papin sisters. The Papin sisters were French maids who were convicted of killing their employer’s wife and daughter in 1933. Monsieur Lancelin was gone to dinner at a friend’s house and Madame Léonie and Genevieve were out shopping. When Madame and Genevieve arrived home, they found every light off. When they asked the Papin sisters what happened, they claimed a power outage from a faulty wire. Madame Léonie was rightfully upset over the loss of power in the house, but the outburst she had led to a gruesome, two-hour-long attack on her and Genevieve by the Papin sisters…listen to hear the rest of this. 


Episode 18: “Investigateighteen Discovery”

Karen and Georgia dive into the INSANE lives of Mary Vincent and Laurence Singleton and the equally insane story of Franklin Delano Floyd.

While Mary Vincent deserves an entire article on her (Alexa save that idea), I’m here to tell you to check out our good buddy Franklin Delano Floyd. Y’all are on your own for this one because there is no possible way I could explain this to you. There’s too much happening around this man: hit and runs, kidnappings, the marrying of the child he kidnapped and raised as his own only for her to find out he kidnapped her at a young age and married her for personal gain. Wow. (This is the best place to start if you’re looking to start the podcast, btw.) Have fun here!!

Sir…I am scared of you. 


Episodes that include cults

I can’t pick one so I pick all! Again, I’m chaotic!!!! If Karen and Georgia do one thing right, it’s the coverage of cults. Ep 134 – Kirtland Cult killings; Ep 132 – The Cult of Synanon; Ep 103 – Heaven’s Gate cult; Ep 101 – Cult leader Terri Hoffman; Ep 73 – Fall River Cult Members; and more. Seriously, DON’T miss their coverage of cults. (My personal favorite is Synanon.)

“You’re in a cult, call your dad.” 

Also, I have a surprise BONUS episode for Halloween!!!

Episode 123: Live at Vicar Street in Dublin

Georgia: Colin Whelan, Karen: The Stoneybatter Strangler

This is one of my favorite live shows despite the audience being eh. Karen’s retelling of the Stoneybatter Strangler, better known as my FAVORITE name ever, BILLY IN THE BOWL, makes me cry laughing every single time. I forced my mom to listen to this episode and she barely heard it from all my laughing. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to this, you won’t regret it. 

As Karen and Georgia would say, stay sexy and don’t get murdered. 

Callie Smith is a senior public relations major with nonprofit leadership studies and theatre minors at Murray State University. She is a lover of Jesus, an avid YA reader and a listener of Broadway records. In her spare time, she loves to watch The Umbrella Academy, Arrested Development, Veep and The X-Files. She loves to bake, perform, read and spend all the time she can with her friends. Callie's plans include working in public relations for a nonprofit organization she loves. Callie is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Murray State.
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