14 Things Only People With Food Allergies Will Understand

Having food allergies is so horribly inconvenient. Everyone I know would agree with me on this. And there are some things that you just won't understand unless you're the one who can't eat whatever you please. Here they are:

1. Just because you can't see the reaction does not mean it isn't there.

And sometimes the invisible reactions are the worst reactions if you know what I mean...

2. When you have an airborne allergy and the person sitting next to you orders it for dinner.

It's like they actually want to kill you.

3. People always get annoyed because you have to plan ahead for eating out.

Not all restaurants are accommodating. It's not our fault. 

4. Or they get annoyed when you always carry food with you. 

Would you rather me be hangry? Because all of that rage will be put on you. Your pick. 

5. And sometimes they get annoyed when you don't go out to eat with them.

We're either sick of you being annoyed with us for saying no, or we're actually sick from the last time we didn't say no. 

6. People think you're just being difficult when you mention a food allergy. 

You're all too used to the face you get from the waiter when you ask for the gluten free menu. 

7. We hate the food allergy even more than anyone. Trust us. 

Nobody wants to eat an entire pizza more than the person who is allergic to gluten and dairy. 

8. You can't even count how many people have asked you this: "Is it really a big deal if you eat _____?"

Oh, sure. It's not a big deal if you consider uncontrollable vomiting "not a big deal."

9. You also can't count the number of times you've been asked this either: "What happens if you eat ______?"

First of all, you probably don't even want to know the answer. Second of all, food allergy reactions can be weird AF. Just don't ask, ok? 

10. People expect you to cater to their food preferences when they can't cater to your medical needs. 

This one is big. Oh, you like the biscuits at Red Lobster better than the gluten free ones I spent three hours cooking? EAT THEM ANYWAY! 

11. Everyone always chooses the restaurants they know you can't eat at. 

And they know it, too. 

12. Holiday meals are a special kind of hell for you. 

Your crazy aunt is really proud of her new stuffing recipe and plops a massive lump right on your perfectly gluten free plate. *Deep breath* 

13. People always tell you that eating ______ one time won't kill you. 

Wow, Janet. Thank you. But eating that peanut sauce may actually kill me.

14. People steal your "special" food when they can literally eat everything else. 

This is THE WORST. And who would voluntarily subject themselves to gluten free cookies when they can have the real thing?