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14 Funny Valentine’s Cards and Terrible Puns to Send to Someone You Love

1. "I obamacare for you"


2. "Roses are red, lillies are white, be my valentine, or cash me ousside"


3. "Don't be an idiot, be my Valentine"


4. "I'd travel even longer than 8 miles to see you"  (the lyrics on the card are incorrect and that pun sucked, but whatever)


5. "I wanna be wit chew this Valentine's Day"


6. "Quit being a grumbledore and be my Valentine!"


7. "Let's get together and have a good Nye-t"


8. "You can't see me unless you'll be my Valentine"


9. "Loving you is yeezy"


10. "They didn't want us to be together, but now, we da best"


11. "You're the love of my LIFE (alert)"   (??? idk that one was really bad)


12. "Stop taking it slow, Mufasa into my heart"


13. "You know who should be my valentine? You"


14. "You're my national treasure"


Lauren is a junior studying History and Education at Murray State. She enjoys reading, spends an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, and takes long naps as often as she can. She loves the oxford comma, going to concerts, and watching Try Guys videos to avoid doing homework. You can find her on Instagram (@laurenedminster) and Twitter (also @laurenedminster).
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