10 Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Life

We have all thought the same thing while scrolling through Instagram or watching our favorite makeup artist on Youtube, "There's no way that will work!" Well, be prepared to be amazed. Whether you need to make your makeup last throughout the day, need a last minute life saver or you're too lazy to go to the store, these beauty hacks will save your life! Photo courtesy of The Anna Edit

  1. Apply setting spray to your beauty blender before applying foundation and concealer. It sounds backwards, right? Wrong! If you put your setting spray on your beauty blender before you apply your foundation and concealer, it will actually last a lot longer because it is mixing with your makeup first hand, instead of just being sprayed on top of it. 
  2. Dampen beauty blender when applying powder. I thought you couldn't get powder wet? You can as long as the beauty blender is damp, not dripping wet. 
  3. Use Elmer's glue as a black head remover. Did you run out of nose strips but have craft supplies laying around? Put Elmer's glue on a q-tip and spread it around your nose. If you want the strip to be thicker, apply a few more layers. After five minutes, peel the glue off and admire your blackhead free nose!Photo courtesy of Bovanti
  4. Apply highlighter over lipstick. Are you going to the club with your girlfriends and need a metallic lipstick to match your outfit? Easy fix! After applying your lipstick, take a brush and apply highlighter on top of your lipstick. You will have a flawless, metallic lip!
  5. Use baby powder to bake your face. Don't want to break the bank paying for a powder to bake your face? Use baby powder! It is just as translucent and easy to apply. And the best part, it is camera flash proof!
  6. Put ice on pimples and red spots before applying makeup. If you have pesky pimples that you don't want to peek through your makeup, simply take an ice cube and rub it over your pimple. The ice will make the pimple go down, and sometimes even disappear, so you don't have to worry about it any more. 
  7. Use baby powder instead of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can be expensive and often makes your hair crunchy. A cheaper alternative to dry shampoo is baby powder. Sprinkle it throughout your scalp and rub it in. Not only does your hair look clean and fresh, but it gives it a wonderful smell as well. 
  8. Stick a dryer sheet in your hair brush bristles to stop frizz. Do you have crazy, frizzy hair? Slip a dryer sheet on top of your hair brush bristles and brush! The dryer sheet reduces frizz and static.Photo courtesy of Bustle
  9. Line your lips with a white pencil. If you want fuller and brighter lips, just line them with a white pencil, especially your cupids bow. This will give the illusion of fuller lips and help when applying your lipstick for the day. 
  10. Use red lipstick for under your eyes. If you don't have color correcting concealer but have dark eye circles, use a red lipstick to clear them up. Dab the lipstick under your eyes and rub it in, then apply your regular concealer. The red lipstick will offset your dark circles, leaving them nice and light. 

Some of these may seem a little odd, but trust me, they work! You won't regret using these hacks. They will save you time, money and most importantly your sanity.