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1. Pianist

Set during WWII, the movie depicts the holocaust in Poland which took place within the boundaries of Poland. Around 1.8 -1.9 million Jews were killed by the Nazi’s during the holocaust.

The film is based on true events, it revolves around the life of a Polish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman. A remarkable pianist and classical composer of Jewish descent. The role was played by Adrien Brody, who did great justice to the role by bringing out the pain, sorrow, and struggle behind the life of a musician caught between war and hatred. He acts with every fiber of his being, not just the way he talks but also his body language and the small intricate details like the movement of his cheekbones and a number of other mannerisms which help to bring out the depth of the character. The film brings out the biggest conflict in Szpliman’s life which endangers his life and puts his music career at a standstill. As the situation between the Nazi’s and the Jews worsens, he hides in the ruins of Warsaw in order to survive through the holocaust. The only thing that keeps him going is hope.

VERDICT: ? ???? ????? ????????? ????????? ??? ??? ??????? ???????? ?? ???????? ??????? ????????? ? ?????????? ?????? ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ???????? ??? ?????? ???????.

IMDb: 8.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 95%


2. The Grand Budapest Hotel 

Set in Zubrowska, a fictitious European country, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a 2014 comedy-drama film written and directed by Wes Anderson which explores a lot of areas in drama but mainly the theme of the movie revolves around friendship, loyalty, and nostalgia.

Wes Anderson is a phenomenal director, has very subtly added tints of fascism and tragedy which can be seen throughout the movie. The film mainly revolves around two characters; Zero, also known as the Lobby boy, and Monsieur Gustave H, the hotel’s fastidious concierge. The plot takes an unexpected turn when the love affair between Monsieur Gustave unfolds in the story. Madame D was the mistress, benefactor, sexual partner, and best friend of Gustave. The conflict in the story arises when Madame D is murdered and the plot thickens when M Gustave is framed for her murder. Leaving the murderer’s identity to unfold in the end.

VERDICT: “??? ????? ???????? ?????” ?? ??????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ??? ????????. ? ???????????? ??????? ????????? ?? ???????; ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?????????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??????? ?? ????????? ?????????? ??? ?????. ?????, ???????????? ????????.

IMDb: 8.1/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 91%


3. Snatch

Set in London, Snatch is a British comedy film written and directed by Guy Ritchie. Ritchie is an amusingly unconventional and high energy director. He is known for his lively dialogue and action. The execution in the portrayal of characters and their comic performances is what stands out in the film; which makes this dramedy a fun and enjoyable experience for the viewers.

The film starts with a heist involving the robbery of a 86- carat diamond in Antwerp. It revolves around the lives of different characters who seem to be very different from each other but what binds them and brings them against each other is the greed to claim the 86- carat diamond; the size of a rock as they say in the movie.

The plot is a mess and a jumble of thoughts, but a merry one. It is known to be the “Pulp fiction” of British cinema and has been embarked as one of the most confusing yet conventional works of Guy Ritchie. Ritchie’s style of direction and eye for characters is hard to replicate. In his film, he has beautifully given an insight into the culture of the British locals and their mannerisms, which is rather fascinating.

VERDICT: ? ????????? ??? ??????? ????? ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ???????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ????????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ????? ??????.

IMDb: 8.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 73%


4. Scarface

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Set in the City of Miami, Scarface is a 1983 gangster picture, one of the best of its times; directed by Brian De Palma, starring the legend himself, Al Pacino. Cuban refugee and ex- convict “Tony Montana” along with his friend Manny Ribera make their way to the United States of America. Their goal was to make it big, to live the big fat American dream and the only way they knew was by following the trails of crime on the streets of Miami. Tony rises from being a dishwasher to a drug lord. He started from nothing, “nada” as they say in Spanish. From living in the slums of Cuba to living in a gold-adorned mansion with personal stashes of cocaine that were the size of mountains, and having the “right woman” as Tony says in the movie; that goes without saying.

He had more than everything he ever dreamed about. But his greed for money and his lustful desires lands him in a pit of remorse and bloodshed. Scarface hasn’t vanished from the minds of people; it has snarled its way to the genre of Pop culture and has embarked itself on the top of cinematic experiences. Al Pacino and his actions have gone to great lengths to portray the character’s charm and appearance which leaves a great impact on the minds of the viewers.


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IMDb: 8.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 81%

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