Thrifting : The New Alternative?

Sustainability for me in the recent times has become important. It also bothers me that there is a very small sub-culture of people I can resonate with.

I have always been a person who refuses the plastic bag when I am out buying something. I rather struggle and carry the items however physically possible than get a bag which I would stash away and have no use for.

That is not it though. For example, my mom makes tons of Kheer for Eid, and she stores it in plastic containers and distributes it. As much as the convenience seems more appealing, a little extra bucks for a clay pot should be the way to go. Don't you think?

Moving forward, I read an article couple of months ago which struck a thought. 'Fast Fashion', it is a term which I am sure most of you have minimal knowledge of. In a nutshell, clothes which are manufactured in bulk and the wages given to do so are peanuts is called fast fashion.

Now, the issue does not end there, the amount of footprint you leave behind is also something to think about. The severe water and air pollution, and the methods of disposal which is just a joke in my opinion.

Furthermore, examples of fast fashion brands are Forever 21, H&M and the go-to Shein.

When I read about this and started to research on ethical manufacturing. The only thing I came across were prices which weren't quite ethical for my pocket.

Now where would a college student with a minimal budget go? I wouldn't want to give up shopping

So after a bit of research, I found an alternative.

Thrifting. In my dictionary it means, buying clothes off of individual shops which regulate and are in charge of manufacturing and distributing. With this, you don't only support these sellers but you know it is ethical because of the minimal footprint left behind.

Moreover, a method in which I am completely indulged in right now is buying preloved/preowned items.

Firstly, it is cheaper. Hence, my pocket is happy.

Secondly, more than one person could love an article of clothing rather than it being chucked in the bin because you grew out of it or it is not your style anymore.

I found many Instagram pages who do this and I actually have bought items like a trench coat and vintage pants.

Winding up by saying there are so many ways you can live in this world without adding more to the assault it has already faced.

I am always in the pursuit of finding ways which makes me feel like I have stepped in the right direction.

So, I urge you to normalize this thinking and explore it for yourself.