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“ I literally have 10 rupees left in my account”

“Can’t go out man, on a budget right now”

“Where is all my money going?”

“I swear I’ll start saving from next month”

If you hear any of these statements, welcome to college my friend; your first step into being a proper adult.

Money before this stage is more or less an abstract concept, and most of it is usually handled by the elders in the family. It’s when you enter college and start spending on stuff that actually is all on you, when you realize how difficult it is to keep control and not go overboard.

Each and every food item seems more delicious, each and every party seems to get crazier and before you know it, you’ve blown thousands in the blink of an eye. Most of us use our parent’s money, which brings in the guilt factor greatly.

I completely agree with the fact that college years are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. But I also do believe that they prepare us for the real world, where spending money on superficial items daily is definitely not a healthy option. Thus, I feel a person who learns to manage and make money work for them during these years is truly a person to be looked up to.

Setting and sticking with a budget in college does require a great deal of patience and tons of compromises. You might’ve to say no to a steaming plate of Maggie occasionally, or miss out on an overly expensive friend’s birthday party.

But what you gain is worth a lot more. You learn self-control and prioritization. You realize the responsibility and feel the worth of every penny. You learn how to utilize and divide it efficiently, and gain the maximum out of a fixed amount.

These skills are what ultimately set you apart.

I believe a budget tracking app helps you greatly in college to keep a track of where your money is going; how much have you loaned and borrowed, and how much are you spending.

Avoid eating unnecessary expensive food, or going to parties just for the sake of it, and try to save as much as possible.

Try to earn through a side hustle in a field you’re interested in, and gain from your existing skills. The feeling of spending your own hard-earned money has a different feel to it altogether.

Keep the borrowing and lending to a minimum, and always carry cash wherever you go.

Handling expenses in college might seem a bit far-fetched. But if you manage to do it, you would be a changed person altogether, and way ahead of your peers.

I wish someone had explained to me the concept of money before I entered my first year. I wish someone would have told me how to prioritize and organize your budget and lists. I wish I would have had more self-control while going to an expensive cafe with my friends.

Well, for now, I hope I would be able to afford a cup of coffee by the month’s end.

Hi y'all ! I'm Tanishaa, currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Manipal Jaipur. Ambivert, socially awkward,(sometimes) writer are a few words to describe me.Always up for connecting , learning and meeting new people on my journey.
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