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How I Met My Roommate

-By Swati Joshi

“Classmates told me you do not have a roommate, do you think we can shift together?” asked a mutual on the first day of entering the hostel premises.

“Oh, that must have been a mistake. I do have a roommate. Although I don’t know her, she already settled in the room before me” I said.

“That’s a bummer. Anyway, nice meeting you” she said.

That, people, was the first-ever conversation I had with my current roommate. Let’s call her June.

When I first entered college, I barely knew anybody to have had the privilege of choosing my own roommate. So I let fate and the hostel authorities do the job for me. My first roomie was a student in the Fashion Designing Department. Not going to lie, we didn’t click. Coincidently, the bed I got was a wreck. It made squeaking sounds the entire night (no sex puns intended). For two nights, I was in a toxic relationship with my bed.

We all know the consequences of a bad relationship. It only gives you pain. So did my bed. I got sleepless nights and body aches until I decided it was enough. So the next morning, I met June again. 

I said, “Maybe being roommates is not such a bad idea. My stuff is already packed, I will be there in your room in 10 minutes to help you pack. Sounds good?”

I am an impulsive decision-maker and most of them do not yield great results. But that was the best one so far. It was almost like finding my doppelganger (referring emotionally and not in a literal sense). June and I are so similar that it feels like I am talking to myself. What’s better than finding a best friend in your roommate. 

Ever since we have not stopped proving our insanity. From singing out loudly to piss off the security guards and decorating our room to crying at 2 a.m. in the middle of the night opening up about our life traumas, it has been a rollercoaster ride. 

June and I met very unpredictably but we get along very well. College can be really fun when you meet the right people. The same goes for life.

 “Life is unpredictable. Not everything is under your control. But as long as you are with the right people, you can handle anything.” – Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I am a psychology student as well as a freelance content/copy writer.
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